Epic’s latest free game is a LEGO puzzler that looks great with RTX

Epic's latest free game is a LEGO puzzler that looks great with RTX

LEGO Builder’s Journey is currently available for free on the Epic Games Store

This Christmas, the Epic Games Store are giving away free games every day between December 15th and January 5, with their latest free game being an atmospheric puzzle game that is set within a LEGO world. 

While LEGO Builder’s Journey is not the most action packed title out there, it is a relaxing free-form puzzle game that brings players through a short and pleasing narrative. The game is relaxing, enjoyable, and highly rated. It’s certainly a game that is worth picking up, especially given its current pricing.

On PC, LEGA Builders Journey has also been enhanced with ray tracing, supporting ray-traced ambient occlusion, global illumination, reflections, and shadows. On Nvidia’s RTX GPU hardware, this game also supports DLSS. These features make LEGO Builder’s Journey a real graphics showcase on PC, and the game’s added creative mode allows gamers to get creative with the game’s accurately rendered LEGO elements.

LEGO Builder’s Journey will be available for free until 4 PM GMT tomorrow, after which a mystery game will be available for free.

PC gamers can redeem their free copy of LEGO Builder’s Journey here on the Epic Games Store.

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