F1 22 receives a cheeky FSR 2.2 update

F1 22 recieves a cheeky FSR 2.2 update

F1 22’s patch 1.17 has arrived, and it has added support for AMD’s FSR 2.2 tech

F1 22 has just recieved its 1.17 update, and it has added new bug fixes tot he game, a host of stability improvements, and support for AMD’s FSR (FidelityFX Super Resolution) 2.2 upscaling technology. Previously, F1 22 supported AMD’s FSR 1.0 technology, and Nvidia’s DLSS AI upscaler. 

AMD’s FSR 2.2 technology is fundamentally different to their older FSR 1.0 technology. FSR 1.0 is a spatial upscaler, whereas FSR 2.0 and its updated versions are temporal upscalers. Spatial upscaling only uses a single frame’s worth of data, and temporal upscaling uses multiple frames of data to generate its upscaled frames. As a result of this, FSR 2.0 can create final images that are more detailed than FSR 1.0, and can sometimes even deliver higher levels of image quality than native resolution rendering. 

F1 22 now supports FSR 2.2, which is the newest version of AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 upscaler. It is designed to deliver better results in fast-paced games, with racing games like F1 22 and Need for Speed Unbound seeing large benefits. When compared to AMD’s FSR 1.0 technology, F1 22 players can expect higher levels of image quality from FSR 2.2, though it is worth noting that FSR 2.2 and FSR 1.0 have different performance profiles.    

F1 22 recieves a cheeky FSR 2.2 update

F1 22 now supports FSR 2.2 and DLSS 3.0, allowing the game to support high fidelity resolution upscaling on all modern graphics cards. That’s great news for gamers who want high framerates and graphics options like ray tracing enabled, and those who simply want to play the game at the highest framerates possible. 

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