Forza Motorsport is in its “polishing” phase and is still due to launch this year

Forza Motorsport is in its

Forza Motorsport is still due to launch later this year 

As part of their latest Forza Community Hugs update, Turn 10 Studios confirmed that their next Forza Motorsport game is still due to launch later this year and that the game is currently in its “polishing” phase, suggesting that the game is content complete. 

Forza Motorsport is considered as a so-called “soft reboot” of the franchise, taking the name Forza Motorsport instead of Forza Motorsport 8. The game was revealed in 2020 as part of an Xbox Games Showcase event, and the game is expected to make heavy use of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S hardware. 

While Forza Motorsport will be playable on Microsoft’s last-generation Xbox One series consoles, the game will only be playable on those systems through Xbox Cloud streaming. There will be now native Xbox One version of Forza Motorsport.

   While we’re focused on polishing and preparing Forza Motorsport for release later this year, we’re still keen to hear your feature and track requests, we can keep in mind what you want to see most for the future. 

Forza Motorsport is in its

Forza Motorsport is designed to offer gamers a generational leap in visuals and transformative leap in simulation detail and accuracy. Forza Motorsport will be Turn 10’s showcase of what Microsoft’s Xbox Series hardware can do, offering gamers real time ray tracing, a new dynamic weather system, a detailed vehicle damage system, and a host of other advanced features. 

Forza Motorsport is due to launch later this year on Xbox Series X/S and PC, with availability on Xbox Cloud for Xbox One owners. 

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