Grounded’s 1.2 “Super Duper” update has arrived, making the game Steam Deck verified

Grounded's 1.2

Gounded’s latest update adds new content, Steam Deck verification, and a lot of wasps

For the uninitiated, Grounded is a survival game from Xbox Game Studios and Obsidian Entertainment, merging together the concepts of “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” and survival titles like Rust and Minecraft. The game takes place in a backyard that’s filled with bugs, materials, and plants. The aim of the game is to survive, build a base, and explore the yard. Like other survival titles, this game can be played in single-player or co-op multiplayer. 

With update 1.2, Grounded has received over 100 new items, a new enemy in the form of wasps, a new base cosiness feature, and a huge number of quality of like changes. Update 1.2 is called the “Super Duper” update, which brings an item duplicator the game, allowing players to create copies of items with “Raw Science”, one of the game’s currencies. This can allow multiple players to carry copies of rare items, and allow players to easily recreate enhanced items.

Alongside update 1.2 comes Steam Deck verification, allowing the game to be played natively on Valve’s Steam Deck gaming system. This enables mobile play for Grounded, opening up the game to a new audience. 

Following the release of Grounded’s 1.2 update, the game will be made available to play for free on Steam between April 27th and May 1st as part of a free weekend for the game. This will allow all PC gamers to try out Grounded for free, both on Steam Deck and Windows PCs. 

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