Halo Wars Release Set

Halo Wars Release Set

Six months ago, a 10-page magazine feature for the Halo-based real-time strategy game by Ensemble Studios, proving the game was not simply vaporware.  Now the game’s release date has finally been set.  European gamers should be happy to hear that they will be able to get their mitts on a copy before the Americans.

The game will initially go live in Japan and Asia on February 26th, with European gamers being able to get their hands on it the next day.  Halo Wars won’t be going live in the Americas until March 3rd.  Halo Wars will follow the seemingly current trend of having Limited Edition as well.  Should you choose to pre-order either version, though, you will gain access to a special Warthog bearing flame decals.

More details can also be found on EuroGamer’s Halo Wars page here.

Glad to see the Halo RTS is truly on its way now?

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