Has Windows 11 Improved for Content Creators? - Puget Systems Answers

Windows 11 is getting better, but Windows 10 is still faster in some cases

Has Windows 11 Improved for Content Creators? - Puget Systems Answers

Has Windows 11's performance improved? 

Let's face it, Windows 11 did not have a good launch. Between early bugs, lower than expected performance on some systems, and the OS' more restrictive system requirements, it was never going to be adopted as fast as Windows 10. Even so, Windows 11 is still the newest OS that Microsoft has to offer, and constant updates have continued squashing bugs and adding more and more optimisations to the OS, slowly eliminating all advantages that Windows 10 had early on. That said, has Windows 11 improved enough make it a worthwhile upgrade for Content Creators?

Puget Systems Answers

Puget systems, the premium US-based PC builder has pitted Windows 10 and Windows 11 head to head to see which OS is the best OS for content creators. When Windows 11 launched, Windows 10 had a clear performance advantage in most tests, but the same does not hold true today.

In this article, we will be giving you an overview of Puget Systems' findings, and if you want to see their data in full, you can look at their full write up here

Has Windows 11 Improved for Content Creators? - Puget Systems Answers

Starting with DaVinci Resolve, it is clear that Windows 10 still holds a small performance advantage in some applications, though the performance advantages offered are minimal. CPU selection remains a critical factor, and while Windows 10 does deliver the highest benchmark scores, the performance gains are so minor that they are not a legitimate reason to consider one OS over the other. Simply put, in many cases the best OS for you is simply the OS you prefer using.

Has Windows 11 Improved for Content Creators? - Puget Systems Answers

Next up, we have Photoshop, where Windows 11 commands a small performance lead over Windows 10 in most instances. Again, the performance differences here are minor, and Intel's hybrid x86 Alder Lake i9-12900K processor is the only CPU to achieve significant performance gains with Windows 11. Alder Lake's performance gains with Windows 11 are due to the OS' improved hardware scheduler, which is designed to make good use of Intel's P-Cores and E-Cores. In contrast, Windows 10 handles Intel's separate core types poorly, but still delivers performance levels that beat AMD's Zen 3 offerings. 

Has Windows 11 Improved for Content Creators? - Puget Systems Answers

In some cases, Windows 11 an beat Windows 10 by a huge margin, with Puget Bench's V-RAY CUDA benchmark giving Windows 11 users a 20% performance advantage. If you use V-RAY, Windows 11 will be a worth upgrade for you. If not, you can discount this data point. Regardless, this score highlights that Windows 11 can deliver some huge performance advantages in some workloads.  

Has Windows 11 Improved for Content Creators? - Puget Systems Answers

With Unreal Engine 4.26, Windows 11 can deliver shorter compile times than Windows 10, with Windows 10 delivering incredibly poor results with Intel's i9-12900K processor. With Unreal Engine 4.26, Unreal Engine appears to be unable to make good use of Intel's hybrid x86 processor under Windows 10. This is a clear sign that newer hardware may start to perform better under Windows 11 moving forward, especially as Intel launches more hybrid x86 CPUs.  

Has Windows 11 Improved for Content Creators? - Puget Systems Answers

Windows 11 VS Windows 10 - Which is better?

So, which OS is better? Simply put, neither. There are some workloads that favour Windows 11 and others that favour Windows 10. There are some clear cases like V-RAY where Windows 11 offers huge performance advantages, but in most cases both OS' deliver performance levels that are so similar that users should just use the OS that they prefer.

With Premiere Pro, Puget systems found that Windows 10 was always measurably faster than Windows 11, but in V-RAY CUDA mode the opposite is true. If you are considering moving to Windows 11 from Windows 10, it may be worth installing Windows 11 on a separate SSD and running though some of your workloads to make sure that you are achieving similar or better performance, assuming that want ever drop of performance your system can offer, and you have the time to conduct said testing.

When Windows 11 launched, Puget Systems could legitimately claim that Windows 10 was the better performing OS. Now, Windows 11 and Windows 10 are on par with each other. Both OS' are good choices for creators, and neither OS can be considered the best in all instances. With enough supports, Windows 11 may soon overtake Windows 10 in most instances, though that remains to be seen. 

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