High On Life’s Day 1 Patch Addresses the game PC Performance issues

High On Life's Day 1 Patch Addresses the game PC Performance issues

High On Life’s PC stuttering issues have been fixed with the game’s Day-1 patch

High on Life has become the newest PC game to launch with a sub-par PC version, with gamers complaining about stuttering and other bugs when the game initially released on Steam and through PC Game Pass. Thankfully, the game’s new day-1 update has addressed many of these early issues, but not before many PC gamers had to deal with a sub-par launch day version. 

Like many Unreal Engine 4 titles, High on Life launched with shader compilation stutters on PC, and the game’s new day-1 update now appears to have addressed this issue. The game’s patch notes simply state that High on Life’s Day-1 update “improved PC performance across various hardware configurations”, and many gamers on High on Life’s Steam discussions page now say that the game’s stuttering issues have disappeared.

Alongside the game’s performance fixes on Xbox Series X/S and PC, High on Life’s day-1 update has fixed issues that include “bad respawns” on certain missions, localisation fixes, and some content updates. Full patch notes are available to read at the base of this article.    

A solid day-1 patch, but the game should have launched in a better state

Shader compilation stutters have become a problem that is far too common in modern PC games, with Unreal Engine 4 titles being amongst the worst offenders. The problem has become so pervasive that #StutterStruggle is now a hashtag that is commonly used by PC gamers.

The good news for High on Life players is that the game’s day-1 patch appears to have addressed a majority of the game’s stuttering problems on PC, though it must be said that PC developers need to work harder to ensure that these kinds of issues are addressed before a game’s launch. Stutter is a major red flag for PC gamers, and developers should already be aware that launching a game with this issue is an easy way to generate negative press for your game and turn off potential buyers.

You can join the discussion on High On Life’s Day-1 update addressing the game’s stuttering issues on the OC3D Forums.  

High On Life's Day 1 Patch Addresses the game PC Performance issues