Hitman III’s getting PCVR and Ray Tracing as part of its Year 2 of content

Hitman III's getting PCVR and Ray Tracing as part of its Year 2 of content

Hitman III’s year two of content is giving a lot of new options to PC gamers

Hitman III’s Year 2 of content will start on January 20th 2022, and IO Interactive has given us a glimpse of what’s to come from their most popular Hitman game to date. 

 IO Interactive has confirmed that Hitman III has over 50 million players, and next year, Hitman III will start to receive post-launch content. This is especially true for PC gamers, who will receive PCVR support within the game and support for ray tracing on the platform. 

Ray Tracing

IO Interactive created Hitman III’s PC version with the help of Intel, optimising the game for 8+ core processors while adding support for Variable Rate Shading to the game. With Intel, IO Interactive will be adding Ray Tracing support to the PC version of Hitman III sometime in 2022. 

Intel plans to enter the discrete GPU market in 2022, launching DirectX 12 Ultimate complaint gaming hardware that supports features like real-time ray tracing. Hitman III is also likely to support Intel’s XeSS AI upscaling technology, though this has not been confirmed. 


Hitman III supported PSVR (PlayStation VR) when it launched in early 2021. With Hitman’s Year Two update in January 2022, Hitman III will be receiving support for PC VR, allowing PC gamers to use their VR headsets to re-experience Hitman as a first-person VR gaming experience. This update will be launched on January 20th 2022.  


Elusive Target Arcade

The Elusive Target Arcade is a new spin on Hitman’s Elusive Targets system, allowing gamers on all platforms to access all Elusive Target content permanently. Elusive Targets will no longer be a temporary add-on with a timed release schedule. More information about this update will be released in January 2022. 

There’s more

In Spring 2022, major updates for Hitman III are planned, including new maps, storylines, and game modes. 

You can join the discussion on Hitman III’s planned year 2 content on the OC3D Forums. 

Hitman III's getting PCVR and Ray Tracing as part of its Year 2 of content