Hogwarts Legacy’s latest update brings Arachnophobia Mode, and a huge list of fixes/optimisations to the game

Hogwarts Legacy's latest update brings Arachnophobia Mode, and a huge list of fixes/optimisations to the game

Hogwarts Legacy’s May 4th update has delivered major changes to the game on all platforms

Avalanche Software has released a new update for Hogwarts Legacy on PC and consoles, bringing over 500 fixes to the game alongside a huge number of performance optimisations. On PC, upscaling solutions like DLSS, FSR 2, and XeSS have all been updated to newer versions, giving PC gamers access to higher levels of image quality when using their upscaler of choice. 

On PC, gamers can also enjoy improvements to shader compilation, and graphical improvements to Hogwarts Legacy’s low graphical settings. This makes the game look better on lower-end systems, including Valve’s portable Steam Deck hardware.

Hogwarts Legacy's latest update brings Arachnophobia Mode, and a huge list of fixes/optimisations to the game

Alongside these fixes and optimisations, Hogwarts Legacy now has an Arachnophobia mode, which changes the appearance of enemy spiders and either reduces or removes their noises. Small spiders have also been removed from the game in this mode, and static spider corpses have also been made invisible. 

Full patch notes for Hogwarts Legacy’s April 4th patch are available below. 

You can join the discussion on Hogwarts Legacy’s May 4th patch on the OC3D Forums.

Hogwarts legacy May Update Overview

Arachnophobia Mode

– An Arachnophobia Mode has been added to the accessibility options. When toggled on, this mode:

– Changes all enemy spider appearances
– Reduces and removes spider skitters and screeches
– Removes small spider ground effect spawners
– Makes static spider corpses in the world invisible
– Collision is still active to prevent players from getting stuck when toggling this setting
– Note that spider images in the Field Guide remain unchanged

Professor Ronen Themed Cosmetic Gear

– Added support for the new Professor Ronen Cosmetic Set Twitch Drops

Additional Fixes

– Resolved Lodgok’s Helm of Urtkot quest lock, preventing players from continuing with the quest
– Did some laundry after students pointed out that robes looked dirty
– Multiple save game fixes
– Identified and resolved multiple collections and Field Guide Page issues
– Resolved multiple issues that could cause the player to fall out of the world


– Resolved multiple potential crashes
– Performance fixes and optimizations

And more than 500 additional fixes. You can read the full detailed notes below.

General Bug Fixes

– Online

– Resolved non-offensive player names being restricted when naming a character: HL-50
– Updated Israel EULA mapping from ae-AR to en-GB”


– Missions
– Resolved gaps between walls being present at various locations
– Resolved collision-related issues at various locations in and out of combat
– Resolved re-spawning issues with Gobstones after they have been collected: HL-1894
– Resolved avatar being able to move a lantern to an unreachable location when using Windgardium Leviosa making it impossible to progress.
– Resolved the Ancient Magic barrier persisting after defeating all the enemies
– Resolved Professor Weasley not being at the entrance of the Ravenclaw dorms after waking up
– Resolved Accio Ball fail mission becoming stuck
– Resolved player being able to escape Hogwarts as Professor Black
– Resolved the player being able to defeat Leander and Nellie with Incendio and they will remain actively moving
– Resolved the collision for the Slytherin common room entrance always being present
– Resolved failing the mission with the key of admittance causes the key to disappear: HL-974
– Resolved an issue with the camera shaking uncontrollably if placing the Accio box with the treasure directly under the regular one
– Resolved mission not progressing past “defeat the enemies” in final area
– Resolved Sebastian spinning in Devil’s Snare tunnel side area: HL-518
– Resolved there being no collision on the right side of the shop’s roof Dogweed & Deathcap: HL-3046
– Resolved one of the bells being stuck behind stairs at the bell towers by using Wingardium Leviosa
– Resolved intermittent fog being present close to Professor Fig’s Classroom
– Resolved fog having unintended behavior in a room in the Headmasters office: HL-12376
– Resolved volume water not calculating correctly: HL-47
– Resolved an issue when untracking and activating, mission icon is in the ground
– Resolved the Hogwarts South Battle Arena not having a checkmark after being completed: HL-7777
– Resolved the chests not being able to be collected in various locations
– Resolved beast in a cage not being rescued after opening the cage: HL-1390
– Resolved visible gaps on the ground at various locations in the open world
– Resolved Jackdaw’s statues having a chance of not falling, remaining inaccessible.
– Resolved issue when leaving the game just when the Avatar gets inside the book may block the progress: HL-2953
– Resolved when reloading inside the open room after solving the puzzle will cause the avatar to respawn trapped.
– Resolved avatar falling out of world through a spot near Hogwarts West Valley
– Resolved Graphorn disappearing during battle.
– Resolved objective description finding and returning Rabe’s wand errors.
– Resolved hanging crate taking a long time to fall down after the pulley is destroyed
– Resolved Dorran being immobile after the cinematic where the centaurs arrive
– Resolved a Note disappearing from a body after the avatar casts Confringo on it
– Resolved West Hall- Art – gameplay investigateable mesh missing and does not match with the related guide page
– Resolved defeating Ranrok’s loyalists without getting detected and using Disillusionment blocks mission progression: HL-11365
– Resolved using bone clusters meant for another part of a puzzle blocking a mission
– Resolved an invisible collision in the Central Hall near the Library
– Resolved avatar and NPCs getting stuck for a while due to an invisible collision on a step outside J. Pippin’s Potions at Hogsmeade
– Resolved the target lock from Clock Tower’s pendulum being misplaced blocking the avatar from casting spells on it when positioned by its side
– Resolved ehe Avatar becoming stuck on a loop by saving on the platform after losing the match and closing the title: HL-11476
– Resolved mission beacon appearing improperly if the avatar dies during the goblin fight
– Resolved Kogawa becoming stuck outside between missions
– Resolved Helga Hufflepuff being seen in a Portrait in Central Hall
– Resolved the races not being skipped if the player chooses to skip them via the “Skip Trial” prompt after failing them at least twice in Story difficulty
– Removed unintended plane observed over the water in the open world
– Resolved a black screen occurring when releasing beasts into the Vivarium
– Resolved objective updates triggering late and authority figures appearing late after unlocking first door
– Resolved avatar blocking the spot on the rock that Poppy is supposed to climb, otherwise it will cause her to walk off and not climb the rock
– Resolved Conjuration Chests not giving out their loot after being opened: HL-3868
– Resolved Fig getting stuck on a roof by using a broom at the start of the mission
– Resolved the avatar being able to jump off the bridge next to the Ravenclaw Tower while being the Headmaster
– Resolved a visible seam on the pillar in Central Hall
– Resolved an issue with quest step to Hogsmeade being delayed
– Resolved Reparo bridge not having any animation when being repaired
– Resolved Reparo bridge flickering after it is repaired
– Resolved three torches failing to light up blocking the mission from being completed
– Resolved consumables not being restored to the original amount if they’re used up prior to the wave, after restarting/quitting the North Coast battle arena
Fixed door for Headmasters room
– Resolved Vivarium animation and save locking when updating game: HL-6449
– Resolved misleading paths when tracking the missions
– Resolved the Mountain Cave Ruins stop streaming when the player loads in the game during the transition
– Resolved mission not appearing on the Quest Log if the Avatar interacts with Clothilde after defeating Selwyn
– Resolved player getting game over screen when restarting from last save after defeating the troll
– Resolved world marker pulsing when the player needs to return to Herbology class
– Resolved issue with control lockout for side mission does not occur if the player fast travels after another mission
– Resolved player getting stuck when jumping over the banister in the Hufflepuff Common Room
– Resolved Sebastian Sallow getting stuck spinning in circles outside the Restricted Section entrance
– Resolved the Phoenix being able to escape from the mountain cave when hit by Depulso
– Resolved the lore notes and the chests in the Kogawa’s office disappearing when the avatar approaches the office
– Resolved avatar being able to go out of bounds by jumping over the rocks
– Resolved Ominis getting stuck on the ceiling of the undercroft making it impossible to finish the mission
– Resolved there being no interact prompt to interact with Poppy after collecting the moonstone
– Resolved avatar entering library without learning Disillusionment using collision
– Resolved ghost detecting the avatar in a wrong section and stalling the mission
– Resolved Deek appearing inside the wall of ”Room of Requirements” blocking the mission progression
– Resolved the player being able to use the wait function in-between mission objectives, blocking the player from starting the Quidditch pitch Broom Trial
– Resolved there not being any nav mesh inside of the player shop
– Resolved the wand chest streaming out when the avatar flies
– Resolved students standing on broom and having no faces when loading during the mission
– Resolved mission pathing not leading the player to the mission entry point after completing
– Resolved arena blockade lingering for a moment after casting Reparo on the destroyed house
– Resolved ancient magic not working correctly when Avatar reaches an unintended area
– Resolved handing in moons without tracking the mission causing incorrect moon requirement to be displayed
– Resolved collision related issues in and out of combat
– Resolved Sebastian Sallow being idle in library after mission
– Resolved the Avatar is able to return Biscuit to Garnuff even without having it
– Resolved the Camera following the first cinematic of the mission zooms in too much
– Resolved avatar jumping over the shifting stairs to get stuck in the treasure area
– Resolved issue with the Avatar being able to jump outside the castle into an out of bounds spot with no “return to quest area” countdown
– Resolved an issue with the user being unable to track/untrack the ‘The Sky is the limit’ mission directly in the map
– Resolved free aim tutorial appearing after almost completing the mission
– Resolved missing interact prompt when entering the elevator from the Underground Harbor
– Resolved avatar being able to fall OOW inside a cave below the ground from a corner of the house in front of the mill in Irondale
– Resolved a missing spider lair not showing up in open world
– Resolved the avatar getting trapped in a collision at the entrance to Rackham’s vault, and will be forced to restart the game
– Resolved issue with avatar getting stuck between a chair, sofa and a box, located in Pitt-Uppon Ford Hamlet
– Resolved waypoints disappearing after failing the mission
– Resolved Jackdaw statue getting stuck inside the wooden floor of the owlery blocking mission progression
– Resolved mission being blocked when loading an autosave made after “Speak with Anne and Solomon”
– Resolved items that appear inside boxes after learning Wingardium Leviosa disappearing when the Avatar uses Accio on them
– Resolved avatar’s feet clipping visibly
– Resolved out of world being visible when the avatar stands in the entrance of vault
– Resolved avatar being able to get into the water using Highwing and not getting out unless it mounts the broom
– Resolved box clipping through the Depulso platform at the final Lumos puzzle area of the Collector’s cave dungeon
– Resolved cliff base being above the ground allowing avatar to see out of bounds
– Resolved there being a long delay before the final conversation with Jackdaw triggers after the pumpkin game
– Resolved missing collision in a tree outside the Combat Challenge
– Resolved after completing the “Dark Arts Arena”, defeated one time causes the enemies to not spawn when retrying
– Resolved when avatar meets Lodgok outside the tavern, he turns back and returns to Hogsmeade by walking
– Resolved Kogawa missing from her office


– Resolved leaving and reentering the dungeon may cause the doorway to become blocked: HL-2199
– Resolved the Avatar gets stuck between the wall and the spinning door.
– Resolved doors being kept open too long to help with streaming
– Resolved the haunted house door standing out when the Avatar cast Revelio: HL-6617

World Events

– Resolved black debug planes being visible when the Dancing Shoes WOW event triggers
– Resolved Dancing Shoes being triggered while still in the store
– Resolved interacting the first time with Ice Garden freezing the game
– Removed Ice Garden world events from game
– Resolved Zonko clipping with a door at the end of the WOW event
– Resolved WE_ICE_GARDEN_RUNAWAY not spawning and blocks all variations


– Resolved issue with characters spawning in wrong direction or incorrectly
– Resolved incorrect or erratic pathing and navigation
– Resolved treadmilling issues
– Optimization adjustments to lower the distance when NPCs on the way to Hogsmeade, Hogwarts and other locations
– Resolved vendor floating over the sea at Clagmar Coast: HL-4636
– Resolved NPC hands floating far above desk with specific animation transitions
– Resolved Poacher Ranger treadmilling onto a wall when the Avatar casts Disillusionment and hides after a cutscene
– Resolved bumping the elf causing the NPC to multiply and stack on the pumpkin
– Resolved issue with Avatar talking with “Clifford Cromwell”, he would reintroduce himself again
– Resolved Ellie Peck in Brood and Peck having 3 Vendor Icons
– Resolved station misplacement causing the NPC not to interact with the railing
– Resolved misplaced stations causing the NPC to clip with the couch
– Resolved animation issue with ghost painting a picture in Hogsmeade
– Resolved NPCs using certain stations being misplaced, noticeably floating in the air during Halloween
– Resolved misplaced creepy man station making the NPC lean into nothing
– Resolved NPC using station clipping with the environment
– Resolved disappearing animation from goblins NPCs not beiong displayed correctly
– Resolved generic Prefect NPC seen walking in mid-air in the room before going in the Athenaeum
– Resolved a student being seen standing next to the player while Professor Black announces the house cup winner
– Resolved floating NPCs due to winter decoration near Honeydukes
– Resolved long delay on Ronen
 -Resolved station Grindstone being under the surface making Helen Thistlewood walk through the ground and then appear out of nowhere in Upper Hogsfield
– Resolved world not streaming in when loading the title after opening the legendary chest inside the Venomous Tentacula room: HL-807
– Resolved Lucan getting stuck walking in the same place after completing mission
– Resolve NPCs not being transferred between locations in low population settings
 -Resolved interacting with Deek while entering the vivarium for the first time can skip the cinematic and generate issues
– Resolved Sebastian Sallow behaving incorrectly after being caught and retrying the mission
– Resolved Thornback Matriarch getting stuck on a loop between animations after spawning
 -Resolved Natty walking off and getting stuck walking up a hill backwards
– Resolved the Avatar being able to push the hanging crate with Depulso when it is falling, affecting the landing
– Resolved Diffindo not targeting enemies correctly if they are falling or lying on the floor
– Resolved the ability to cause Marmaduke’s sarcophagus to disappear by casting certain spells on it
– Resolved Levioso not properly destroying a Yellow Shield
– Resolved students colliding with the Avatar and getting stuck
– Resolved interacting with vendors causing an unintended camera angle
– Resolved misplaced stations causing the NPC to clip with the couch
– Resolved student NPCs not leaving the classroom after completing mission
– Resolved the avatar being able to hear the mission giver even if they are not present and suddenly appears
 -Resolved NPC Alfred Lawley walking against the wall indefinitely when getting alert from the other side of the wall


– Resolved spiders spawned by the Acromantula keep attacking on the Arena’s victory screen: HL-5171
– Resolved when using Glacius and Confringo to damage Inferi it does not remove its invulnerability stat
– Resolved troll not attacking when Avatar is close to a wall
– Resolved when dodging the first swing of a Troll parry attach with a blink the second attack will teleport in front of the avatar
– Resolved when dodging the first swing with a blink the next club smashing onto the ground attack will be unblockable from Troll
– Resolved issue when avatar dies during the first time doing the encounter the Enemies reappears in different positions.
– Resolved the enemies being able to activate their shields even after the avatar has won the duel
– Resolved rock wall no longer being highlighted early with manual target
– Resolved an issue when the avatar fails a spell, the second failure is triggered once the dummy gets up
 -Resolved character partial wetness from wading not displaying
– Resolved the DW Animagus transformation being broken
– Resolved while fighting the ‘Poacher Animagus’ and casting Levioso and then Transformation, the enemy won’t turn back to its original form
– Optimization in delaying the Death FX
– Resolved Trolls being able to dash for an excessive long distance when attacking the Avatar after they perform a Swift dodge roll: HL-3853
– Resolved Forest Troll disengaging from combat in a bandit camp
– Added a vertical root motion to the spider squish finisher animation
– Removed 180 rotation on the main control of spider squish finisher animation
– On easy mode, players can defeat opponents without breaking their shield
– Resolved spiders – While in their explode-able “on-fire state” not exploding when taking death blow damage while in air
– Resolved avatar being able to cast ancient magic during stealth portion disrupting enemy
– Resolved Graphorn getting stuck on rocks in fight arena
– Resolved chance dummy’s textures stretch after being hit with Glacius then hitting the ground
– Resolved spider webs producing a frozen square texture when the Avatar casts Glacius on them
– Resolved an issue in the last part of the witches tomb the Inferis not attacking the avatar when standing on the Depulso platform
– Resolved in the South Coast Battle Arena, being able to get the Armored Troll stuck in a spot
– Resolved Victor Rookwood standing off screen during the wand linking
– Resolved an issue with enemies (Hogwarts Protector / Guardian) not animating properly when hit with abilities
– Resolved Training Dummies not reacting correctly when hit by Expelliarmus
– Resolved the River Troll not attacking the avatar at a certain distance
– Resolved the Avatar not being able to perform the Ancient Magic Finisher while aiming
– Resolved Animagus in Wolf form being affected by Transformation while in the air does not revert to their normal form
– Resolved pickups getting destroyed
– Resolved issue just before the final fight with the Pensieve Guardian the enemies can disappear while fighting with them causing a delay on the mission
– Resolved enemy combatants disappearing
– Resolved corruption effect disappearing from the troll when it is hit by the avatar
– Resolved Dugbogs not being harmed when lifted by the tongue
– Resolved enemies getting stuck in fear animations if the avatar uses the ancient magic finisher just before failing a mission
– Resolved being able to pull board out of door without breaking the board, causing door to not open
– Resolved generic student NPC treadmilling when fast traveling to Grand Staircase Floo Flame
– Resolved Dorothy Dencourt getting stuck in the door of her house making it impossible to get in after finishing her routine walk in Upper Hogsfield
– Resolved delay on one of the enemy shields not showing up correctly during the mission
– Resolved Troll Lair Troll disengages from combat and fazes through wall
– Resolved spider lairs only spawning baby spiders
– Resolve during the second encounter with the Inferis they do not attack the avatar if it remains on the ramp
– Resolved Poacher Ranger cloak reacting oddly to Glacius
– Resolved Acromantula joining combat while crawling over hole in cave
– Resolved Pensieve Guardian´s Blue-Orb Attack not being able to be countered
– Resolved the Troll being able to get stuck on a sign mid-fight


– Resolved a chance of random T4 Student appearing between characters: HL-7500
– Resolved Claire Beaumont animation expression transitions
– Resolved Adelaide Oakes intense robe clipping issues during cinematics
– Resolved Kogawa cinematic starting prematurely during fade out transition
– Resolved issue with avatar’s wand being visible in their hand during the cinematic
– Resolved Professor Hecat sliding to her spot before setting up the dueling table
– Resolved both Prof. Ronen and the Avatar floating in the air during the cinematic
– Resolved Sebastian being positioned in front of the camera during the last cinematic with Professor Garlick
– Resolved Niamh Fitzgerald missing from her portrait in the map chamber
– Resolved the avatar being able to use the target lock on Guardians during the cinematic
– Resolved avatar’s robes appearing before Fig makes them appear: HL-11993
– Resolved avatar’s hand not positioned correctly when grabbing the potion
– Resolved camera freezing in one place after talking to Garreth Weasley before starting
– Resolved the avatar seeming to have no legs for a moment due to improper coat collision
– Resolved Sebastian Sallow’s Robe clipping through body at end of cinematic
– Resolved missing black screen transitions when skipping the certain cinematics
– Resolved black lines appearing on the Summoner’s Court platform during the cinematic
– Resolved the avatar clipping with the camera at the end of the cutscene when entering the Ravenclaw’s room
– Resolved Professor Ronen being out of place during the end of year cinematic: HL-11595
– Resolved Professor Onai’s bracelet clipping through her forearm
– Resolved NPC’s having their eyes misaligned during cinematics: HL-316
– Resolved skipping the final cinematic places the Avatar in the middle of the room
– Resolved the book on the pedestal disappearing during the transition into the cutscene
– Resolved preview videos taking unusually long time to load in
– Resolved avatar being able to cast Revelio during the cinematic
– Resolved a missing part of the texture in the left armpit of the avatar after winning pumpkin game
– Resolved issue of avatar being sent out of world when using skip functionality
– Resolved Fig not having the book in a part of the cinematic
– Resolved random NPC that walked in front of Cressida during the cinematic
– Resolved black flickers appearing on the Avatar’s back during the cinematic
– Resolved being able to open the Tools Wheel and the Spell Tab during the cinematic
– Resolved black flickers on the avatar’s robes during the cinematic where the Field Guide is given to the avatar
– Resolved avatar’s tongue being seen clipping through their teeth when they talking
– Resolved a black screen allowing the avatar to do basic casts and spells can appear instead of cinematic
– Resolved Grotto entrance appearing before the cinematic Squid Door playing
– Optimization to speed up initialization of conversations
– Resolved camera angle issue of Sophronia Franklin, the mission giver, obstructing the final cinematic
– Resolved not able to continue with the mission when closing the title during cinematics


– Resolved Moth near Fig’s classroom disappearing when the avatar is carrying it to the Mothframe
– Resolved Lumoths ignoring spinners and not attaching
– Resolved Snidgets not being found if the Avatar finishes the moonstone puzzle prior to starting the quest: HL-4430
– Resolved low LOD on fire puzzles in Hogwarts
– Resolved missing collision on the wall next to the Incendio puzzle cube
– Resolved blocking the progression by placing the Accio Platform in the middle of the bridge puzzle and resetting the room
– Resolved the puzzle cube not respawning and getting stuck mid-air multiple times
– Resolved characters disappearing during dialogues if a Merlin Trial was completed just before the interaction


– Resolved general conversation timing issues
– Resolved issue when interacting with Kogawa outside her room causes the Avatar to be teleported back to her room
– Resolved avatar popping during conversations
– Resolved a chance for cinematic to present misplaced camera while on stairs
– Resolved the avatar shifting up and down during the conversation with Natsai
– Resolved Ominis holding two wands to one wand in different conversations
– Resolved Natsai and Sebastian’s necks briefly stretching up during the Three Broomsticks conversation: HL-11584
– Resolved flashing light just after the conversation with Natty
– Resolved Thomas Brown arm traversing his body if quickly skipping conversation
– Resolved the arm of Sacharissa Tugwood making weird movements while talking to the Avatar
– Resolved subtle flickering on Sharp and Avatar’s faces during conversation
– Resolved talking with Niamh Fitzgerald after starting mission, the camera gets stuck in the right pillar
– Resolved hands clipping with shoulders during conversations
– Resolved the camera staying locked on Dorothy Sprottle during a conversation


– Resolved general clipping instances with gear and hair combinations: HL-4080
– Resolved ambient beasts can’t return to their normal shape
– Resolved Cedar Rivet Gloves and Forest Rivet Gloves having unexpected textures
– Resolved Orange Eye of Newt Goggles appearing identical to the Brown Eye of Newt Goggles: HL-1117
– Resolved Intro outfit and robe not being available in your Gear Appearances by default: HL-4880
– Created model for the Arachnophobia version of Spider – meshes and textures
– Created Acromantula balloon model for Arachnophobia mode
– Resolved Fig’s robes clipping through his torso after the final repository reveal
– Creation, updates and support for new Ronen Themed Gear for male and female
– Resolved Dorothy Dencounrt AO issue on her hands by changing her SRXO
– Resolved ceramic mask having a wrong positioning on the avatar’s head after casting Disillusionment
– Resolved avatar’s clothes looking dirty: HL-344


– Resolved Avatar getting stuck at various locations in the game
– Resolved issue of avatar dying jumping over railing
– Resolved the Avatar not alerting the enemies if the player quits the mission after taking the invisible cloak and loads another save file
– Resolved the avatar getting stuck between some ruins walls and lose all control input
– Resolved the avatar’s shadow not connecting to their feet
– Resolved Lumos light passing through the headwear and illuminates the Avatar’s head
– Optimization to remove/delete objects at locations avatar respawning points to avoid becoming stuck: HL-2911
– Resolved avatar becoming stuck in a swimming animation after jumping within a dive spot cave
– Resolved avatar bouncing on the water while swimming: HL-47
– Resolved the avatar getting stuck under water near The Watermill wheel
– Resolved avatar getting stuck on the rails of the staircase that leads to the ‘Room of Requirement’
– Resolved avatar getting stuck in a toilet cubicle in the Witch’s Bathroom
– Resolved bad robe issue on avatar
– Resolved avatar getting stuck in a pile of packages after using Reparo on them
– Resolved the avatar having a lazy eye: HL-316
– Resolved avatar headtracking
– Resolved the avatar being controlled during the cinematic of the door of the Room of Admittance
– Resolved the avatar becoming stuck / trapped between a telescope and railing in the Astronomy Tower
– Resolved the avatar being able to jump off the bridge while being the Headmaster
– Resolved the avatar getting stuck behind the elevator at the end of the dungeon
– Resolved avatar headtracking abruptly focusing on more than one point upon entering Underground Harbor
– Resolved the avatar getting stuck at the entrance of a goblin tent
– Resolved the avatar headtracking abruptly focusing on more than one point upon entering Underground Harbor
– Resolved avatar being able to reverse the rotation of the Shifting Stairs which can lead to OOW content
– Resolved the avatar being able to glide and stay in midair at the dungeon
– Resolved the avatar being able to get trapped between a chariot and some rocks
– Resolved the avatar getting stuck and it being impossible to go out without turn off the title
– Resolved the avatar getting stuck in the roof of the shop “Flutes and Lutes” due to a missing collision
– Resolved the avatar being able to fall OOW through some textures of the mountain next to a Puffskein Den
– Resolved avatar not interacting with the crate after falling on the floor instead the grid
– Resolved the avatar being rejected by the common room door
– Resolved the Ancient Magic meter capping at two bars when loading a save from the main menu: HL-11989


– Resolved broom flight boosting and vertical animation: HL-8140
– Resolved light fading in and out on Moon Trimmer Broom
– Resolved while mounting a broom, the player is performing an Ancient Magic throw will freeze the thrown object in place and it can be thrown again
– Resolved avatar being able to climb to the top of the mountain surrounding the Tower Tunnel dungeon, allowing them to fly OOW
– Resolved avatar flying out of bounds under barrier behind Falbarton Castle
– Resolved hole in no-fly allowing player to enter old Forest region
– Resolved avatar entering vault castle while flying in a broom
– Resolved avatar being able to fly out of world through wall with broom
– Updated new fly volumes
– Resolved No Fly Zone border not appearing correctly
– Resolved Headmaster’s Office can be accessed via broom
– Resolved getting stuck while trying to enter the San Bakar’s Tower while mounting the Graphorn
– Resolved the avatar being able to fly OOW through a missing collision in the mountain next to a Puffskein Den


– Resolved Game not progressing after collecting the Guide Page
– Resolved progress not given toward Challenges when defeating Inferi by using the ‘Transformation’ and ‘Depulso’ spells: HL-2980
– Resolved the chests not being able to be collected in various locations
– Updated location some Hogwarts items
 -Resolved “Combat” and “Quests” challenges remaining at 99% when completed, blocking the Avatar from reaching level 40 and 100% completion: HL-5331
– Resolved an issue defeating all named enemies did not complete challenge: HL-2980
– Resolved Great Hall Demiguise statue after patching game
– Resolved Goblet of Fire Casket’s Revelio Page respawning after patching game
– Resolved issue with “A Forte for Achievement” being unlocked too earlier: HL-5331
– Resolved “The Merlin’s Beard!” achievement being collected without completing all the Merlin trials
– Resolved the Overland’s Collection Chests total counter only updating after all the Hogwarts and Hogsmeade chests are collected


– Resolved the “Confringo Mastery” talent not breaking the shields with the small fiery projectiles
– Resolved Alohomora VFX can be spammed with auto solve button
– Resolved Wooden gate becoming stuck after using Transformation spell.
– Resolved Revelio incorrectly revealing / highlighting Astronomy tables after they have been solved
– Resolved issue when using Wingardium on objects, the objects do not break when hitting enemies
– Resolved Diffindo spell not working inside the undercroft
– Resolved using any spell that has an AoE effect near any animal will count towards the combo counter and will drop ancient magic particles
– Resolved the user not being able to give any input to the character if hard quitting the title when learning Crucio
– Resolved Glacius causing an odd behaviour on Ashwinders clothes when cast
– Resolved issue with forgotten statue can grow in size after casting Reparo multiple times
– Resolved player being able to break shields with the basic cast
– Resolved Inferi tutorial needing a hold A to continue instead of tap A
– Resolved Marmadukes sarcophagus incorrectly revealed / highlighted by Revelio when accessing the dungeon outside of the quest
– Resolved AoE spells affecting enemies without entering a cooldown when used while aiming without targeting them
– Resolved casting Descendo on a recently transformed enemy will cause it to fall through the ground
– Resolved casting Depulso on the tree while levitating causes it to flip and float in the air
– Resolved the avatar being able to cast Alohomora to the door leading to long hallway even though the lock is on the other side of the door
– Resolved using Depulso on objects, they sometimes don’t break on other enemies if they’re too close
– Resolved casting Accio to the hanging crate will make the crate fall in the floor making the avatar unable to interact with the crate blocking the progress
– Resolved the ability to hit the ghost ‘Nearly Headless Nick’ with a vase using Accio
– Resolved Hogwarts forgotten statue already repaired before the Player repairs it
– Resolved Daedallian house chests being highlighted with Revelio even when they are in a different house
– Resolved the statue not being rebuilt with Reparo
– Resolved issue with Glacius not affecting the water
– Resolved Wingardium Leviosa be able cast on targetable objects within Hogwarts, making the camera move in odd angles
– Resolved player not being able to cast Accio or Wingardium Leviosa on the bones
– Resolved an issue in getting stuck in one of the Reparo objects after Reparo’ing it
– Resolved the avatar getting stuck on one of the Reparo objects during the Troll fight
– Resolved Sebastian sitting on nothing at the end of the mission after learning Transformation
– Resolved Crucio spell missing if the spell is cast too close to an enemy
– Resolved the Swift talent spawning in a brighter light as VFX at night
– Resolved cast basic attacks against the second crystal wall generating a light issue on basics


– Resolved weird Reparo animation when casting it on the wooden bridge
– Resolved the second Reparo bridge during mission having an odd animation while being repaired
– Resolved blue outlines being seen in incorrect locations when using Revelio on Merlin Trials
– Resolved VFX Ring not being present when using “Wait” at a Mission Entry Point
– Resolved whirlpool VFX issue when using swimming teleport
– Fixed Wingardium excessive range
– Resolved the Incendio VFX coming out in the wrong direction after rolling
– Resolved issue with shield effects not showing
– Resolved altering the Alcove visual style for the first time the VFX becomes misplaced
– Updated timing of VFX to unlock triptych
– Resolved issue with water/steam VFX disappearing briefly based on the angle of the camera
– Resolved iteration transition effect is too intense on room architecture
– Resolved Incendio Dragon Braziers (floor & wall mounted) briefly having a pixelated flame when ignited
– Resolved particle effects for Ancient magic pickups remaining on indefinitely
– Optimized rainbow VFX
– Resolved no candy being visible in the avatar’s hand when eating Whizzbees candy from a bowl
– Optimization Troll Swing Cascade VFX
– Resolved Wendelin the Weird Painting missing VFX
– Resolved explosive barrels not exploding even though they are lit and then just disappear
– Added new set of incinerate VFX for arachnophobia-mode spiders
– Resolved ancient magic crater inside the dungeon havig a red halo flickering with white noise textures
– Resolved volumetric wind not working
– Resolved volumetric fog suddenly appearing when walking out the map chamber
– Resolved when customizing the alcoves in the ‘Room of Requirement’ the VFX will be displayed on the wall to the right of the alcove and distort the Avatar’s hand
– Resolved issues with Guardian’s attack(AM re-activate/recovery radial blasts VFX could be tilted to the side
– Resolved the glow of the Deathly Hallows disappearing when moving the camera
– Resolved fire VFX is not present in the fireplace inside the library
– Resolved Felix Felicis potion remaining on after using a previous save
– Resolved unnatural water behavior in the Green houses interior pond
– Resolved dust VFX popping far away from the Graphorn
– Resolved fire VFX is missing on campfires and candelabras
– Updated the shadowy VFX particles on Death Appear and Disappear during the final combat sequence
– Resolved there being a white fire in professor Weasley’s office chimney
– Resolved some Ancient Magic Hotspots not finishing VFX at the end cinematic after completing them
– Resolved Inferius’ VFX missing when it is defeated and its body just disappearing abruptly
– Resolved the dirt appearing misplaced when the avatar puts the Mandrake into the pot
– Removed odd VFX over Pensieve guardians before starting the combat

Owl Mail

– The letter overlays the UI of the Owl Post


– Resolved the ‘Audio Visualizer’s ‘Ambient Conversation’ icon lingering on screen when fighting Inferi
– Added Arachnophobia mode to the Accessibility option
– Resolved the Fireplace not having any UI interaction despite being highlighted in High Contrast Gameplay
– Resolved Teacup not having any UI interaction despite being highlighted in High Contrast Gameplay
– Removed Corruption VFX from the Arachnophobia mode spider version
– Removed small crawling spiders for Arachnophobia mode
– Adjusted the spider corpse assets that are already present in dungeons and lairs will remain on screen even if Arachnophobia mode is turned on
– Resolved assets of small crawling spiders in the dungeon stages and in the open world when arachnophobia mode is active
– Resolved issue with Arachnophobia Mode enabled spiders emitting a screech when burning causing discomfort to people with Arachnophobia
– Resolved an issue of Arachnophobia mode not defaulting to Off
– Resolved the ‘Arachnophobia Mode’ accessibility option not resetting to the default value when using the ‘Reset to Defaults’ menu feature
– Resolved the animation after killing small spiders and exploding normal spiders still showing normal spider legs with the Arachnophobia mode On
– Resolved spiders having texture issues when toggling Arachnophobia Mode on or off during battle
– Resolved the body of the spider for the WE_ICE_GARDEN world event failing to be displayed correctly when activating Arachnophobia mode
– Resolved spiders in dungeons not remaining unchanged with Arachnophobia mode is on


– Resolved minimap pathing displaying correctly
– Updated minimap functionality: HL-7913
– Fixed field guide locking
– Resolved localization of Japanese line breaking rules not displaying correctly for low screen resolution
– Resolved Map Changing to a black screen if the Player Presses the Pause Button During the Map Tutorial
– Resolved minimap breaking after leaving poacher tent: HL-12306
– Resolved icons disappearing from the map when quickly zooming in or out
– Resolved Player losing ability to fast travel after abandoning quest while competing in broom races
– Resolved damage numbers that are 5+ digits/figures are cutoff on Death’s Trolls
– Resolved issue when wearing a robe’s hood, equipping a gear item will cause the hood icon to appear on all slots.
– Resolved Field Guide page challenge counters not being consistent: HL-2376
– Resolved floo flames missing for fast travel
– Resolved holding the purchase key before the wand UI appears causing the cinematic to be black
– Resolved an issue with giving a custom name to any beast causes its description to appear as debug/placeholder text while selling them to Brood and Peck: HL-8818
– Resolved floo flames not being unavailable when loading an autosave after learning an unforgivable spell in the Undercroft: HL-5739
– Resolved issue with quest beacons / icons flickering
– Resolved cursor in the Menus to disappearing
– Resolved missing house on the Hogsmeade map
– Resolved reward icon remaining in the challenge after collecting the reward
– Chance the item / tool wheel may become inaccessible after using Ancient Magic Throw
– Resolved the pathing in the HUD changing and misleading the player
– Resolved the Room of Requirement’s Floo Flame UI guiding the avatar to the observation deck in the Astronomy Tower
– Resolved the story difficulty “Skip Sequence” prompt for Astronomy Tables is missing its description instead showing its Title / Header twice
– Resolved options in the Main Menu reverting to default after rebooting the title
– Resolved fast traveling before mail tutorial causing busy state blocker
– Resolved the text on the Giant Purple Toad’s offspring cutting off at the top when font size is set to large
– Resolved debug text [QUEST_GT01_01_THIEFRING] appearing when the player loot the “Signet Ring” item during mission
– Resolved notes throughout the game not opening properly when interacted with
– Resolved the message of the day text cooldown is very long and defaulting size always
– Resolved the loading screen going pitch black for 22 seconds after using a Floo Flames
– Resolved spell diamond not displaying spells correctly
– Resolved an overlapping issue for location names in saved games section in main menu
– Resolved floo flames being accessible on map when not visible
– Resolved a virtual cursor being available during gameplay if the Avatar open and closes the Field Guide Map quickly using the Touchpad button
– Resolved beast names “Gwyneira the Diricawl” and “Biscuit the Mooncalf” being cut off in Breeding Pen screen
– Resolved Keenbridge hamlet not showing the Field Guide pages counter on the collectables tracker
– Resolved text cutting off when choosing a breeding pair in Breeding Pen menu when text size is set to large
– Resolved Fwopper den having a double icon
– Resolved UI displaying an incorrect number of defeated enemies for a moment when a wave starts at the Battle Arena
– Resolved locking up of the Pause Menu when trying to exit by pressing several buttons
– Resolved Flying Page at the Fountain in Hogwarts Grounds not counting towards the Map counter or The Bell Tower Wing sector: HL-2376
– Resolved Lucan appearing with two mission icons above his head
– Resolved crash Fast Traveling to Hogsmeade after mission
– Resolved the update history always displayed on the default English language instead of being localized to supported languages
– Resolved female – Gear icon is missing and showing up as a red exclamation mark
– Resolved Felix Felicis potion UI being slightly displaced and can causing an erratic animation when switching potions
– Resolved red debug lines on top of the Hogwarts north combat challenge battle arena
– Resolved icons not matching the spells when swapping to a new spell set during a battle
– Resolved map counter for Collection Chests increasing for the Astronomy Wing area, instead of the counter for the Library Annex area
– Resolved an issue with the mission UI updating even though the player doesn’t start it
– Resolved gear comparison when trying to sell unidentified gear displaying correctly
– Resolved hood icon appearing on each equipment after activating and re-open the Gear menu
– Resolved Leopold Babcocke’s store being misplaced in the minimap
– Resolved the minimap inside the underwater vault being inaccurate
– Resolved ‘Gregory the Smarmy’ Revelio page does not count as collected on the UI
– Resolved enemy damage numbers’ option stops working when the ‘Show Enemy/Target Info’ option is set to off
– Resolved pause menu getting stuck in transition when map is disabled
– Resolved the player hanging on the MAP’s menu if they select the Hogwarts map before the map tutorial going to Hogmeade asks for it
– Resolved the player getting stuck in the shopping interface after attempting to interact with a vendor while Natsai’s ‘Owl Post’ letter is being read
– Resolved UI not popping up after completing mission


– Resolved VO mission triggers and lines not delivering correctly
– Resolved mission VO not playing naturally
 -Resolved pressing the skip button during the reveal of the next pensive will cause the audio and the subtitles to vanish.
– Resolved skipping dialogue can lead to characters remaining in silence
– Resolved many locations having no audio ambience
– Resolved attenuation on the big waterfall
– Resolved missing SFX in female antigravity hat animations
– Resolved some Lodgok dialogue issues
– Resolved straining one-sided Goblin door lacking any audio
– Resolved location specific lines not playing correctly
– Resolved caged Kneazle having no sound when crying for help
– Adjusted cooldown of certain lines
– General audio performance and optimizations enhancements
– Resolved issue with Hogsmeade related dialogue playing when exiting location but should only play when entering
– Resolved certain audio lines not being reproduced
– Resolved generic NPC Prefect girl missing dialogue when detecting the avatar
– Resolved lip sync missing throughout the game
– Resolved VO dictionaries edge cases
– Resolved audio and subtitles issues for optional strings for playerfemale-male and playermale-female not being played
– Resolved no SFX being heard when the Hedge Maze retract after finding the chest at any Hedge Maze
– Resolved Nora’s dialogue line not being played at her location
– Resolved every character besides the avatar is missing their lip-sync in Brazilian Portuguese
– Resolved spamming triangle button making several Protego SFX reproduce simultaneously on the controller speaker
– Resolve1d an issue with the avatar’s mission VO starting to play while the shop is open
– Resolved dialogue option about the tasks to learn Flipendo being available after having learnt the spell

Save Game

– Fixed save game inconsistencies: HL-2953
– Resolved reloading issues with missions
– Resolved reloading the last save file after finishing the mission before collecting its related Field Guide Page will cause it to become uncollectable
– Resolved online save transfer causing player to load in with spell diamond automatically filled
– Resolved destroyed boxes respawning after doing a reload causing the Avatar to become stuck
– Resolved reloading a mission after defeating enemies causes enemies to spawn inside tent
– Resolved issue of platforms stop reading previously saved data
– Resolved avatar spawning OOW when loading a save made inside one room of the Slytherin Common Room: HL-71
– Resolved reloading a save in Kogawa’s Office makes the Avatar go OOW: HL-6216
– Resolved restarting from last save after completing mission causes arena walls to reappear and linger
– Resolved avatar spawning OOW after loading a save on the corridor between the Library and Central Hall: HL-2650
– Resolved reloading a save made during the Reparo objective after the troll fight fails the mission
– Resolved saving and loading a save while inside the stone pillars type of Vault traps the avatar permanently
– Resolved being unable to generate manual and autosaves: HL-3622
– Resolved an issue generating two auto saves once the game opens
– Resolved an issue where flushing the auto save cache wasn’t going through the compression process
– Resolved an issue with the save file leading to an infinite loading screen after the game is closed during Weasley’s conversation: HL-7000
– Resolved inconsistences found on the save data when transferring saves from Gen8 to Gen9 consoles
– Resolved title generating two auto saves once the game opens
– Resolved modification of the option “Upscale Sharpness” not correctly saving when the player restarts the game: HL-3153
– Resolved reloading a save made right before talking with Grace, the mission becomes stuck on the “Return to Grace” mission step: HL-5684
– Resolved issue to progress after placing a lantern on a pedestal then loading a save file.
– Resolved when reloading a save after completing the astronomy table the table is not interactable
– Resolved a save being reloaded after reading Jackdaw’s clue will not advance mission step
– Resolved loading a save created after having defeated Fastidio’s for the final time causing him to attack the player even though he’s already defeated
– Resolved autosaves not showing the save icon and closing and opening the title creates progression loss
– Resolved mission getting stuck on after restarting from last save
– Resolved issue when creating a new character while having previous save data causing loading issues when selecting previous save
– Resolved progression getting stuck when reloading an autosave during missions
– Resolved abandoning quest sees the avatar fall to the ground when gameplay resume
– Resolved pop-up message when there’s not enough available space to save not pausing the title and maintaining controller input
– Resolved the title remaining in a black screen if the avatar loads an autosave made after completing mission and solving the astronomy table for a second time
– Resolved title generating corrupted manual and autosaves that makes the game crash when reloading it
– Resolved reloading a save made on a corner of the Faculty Tower makes the avatar go OOW: HL-11915
– Resolved reloading an autosave before the first encounter with Ranrok, leaves the player stuck behind closed doors


– Resolved general platform crashes
– Resolved memory leak with object state
– Added general mission performance updates
– Added general streaming optimization and updates
– Resolved streaming of content causing avatar to be OOW
– Optimization update for NPCS
– Resolved graphical corruption issues at various locations of the game
– Resolved dying and reloading a manual save from inside the Water causing a brief Soft Lock for the Avatar
– Resolved crash on failure initiating online access
– Resolved memory leaking when using Jinx cool down
– Optimization to VFX for enemy & avatar shields
– Optimization to Gear DB queries
– Resolved a LoadMap crash
– Resolved crash with getting damage over time
– Optimization to several hitches within game
– Resolved crash while navigating mission
– Resolved crash fast travelling to the Central Hall
– Resolved a crash when gameplay kept referencing the old world
– Resolved crashes when using the fast travel after defeating the River Troll
– Resolved crash in with water related volumes
– Optimized sun fading issue in intro
– Resolved hitch happening when hitting goblins with Stupefy
– Resolved crash with Incendio
– Resolved crash when accessing inventory items
– Resolved crash for times when fog is turned off
– Optimization reflection captures
– Optimization to bad reflection popping on water
– Resolved performance issues with ancient magic squash finisher on elevated Thornback Ambusher in Rune Door arena
– Optimization with lighting
– Optimization DB queries
– Optimization to fix for infinite loop caused by running out of memory
– Performance improvements at the end of the missions
– Optimization in moving NPC VFX to soft references
– Animation optimization
– Resolved crash with critical finisher
– Resolved infinite load screen when attempting to mission
– Resolved load times of up to five minutes when entering the sanctuary
– Resolved crash when running movies
– Resolved crash when running destructible meshes
– Resolved spell tool crash
– Resolved crash with wizarding world linking
– Resolved crash when loading save game in PerksTree
– Resolved hitches happening multiple times a frame
– General performance and optimization to stations
– Resolved infinite loading screen after force shutting the game during the conversation with Weasley: HL-7000
– Resolved crash after getting caught by death
– Resolved general proxy and LOD updates/optimizations
– Resolved crashes while finding references and garbage collection
– Resolved poor performance occurring when certain trees are on-screen while Ray-Tracing is enabled
– Resolved a crash with spell caster
– Resolved TargetInfo crash
– Optimization to shaders
– Resolved a crash with navlinks
– Fixed and cleaned up the library airlock
– Resolved crashes during the boot sequence when launched on the bare minimal initial payload
– Resolved hitches with Broom Enemy spawner
– Optimized bink player url open to async thread for ambient paintings
– Resolved extreme tile streaming issues being observed in the open world
– Resolved a wheel item crash
– Wingardium crash fix
– Fixed crash with characters visibility
– Fixed crash accessing HUD
– Resolved UI loading screen crash
– Resolved crash for LookingActor functionality
– Resolved ‘Something went wrong’ message being displayed when trying to start the game without enough available space
– Resolved several crashes during combat encounters
– Resolved a crash with chaos collision
– Resolved crash when reloading a save file after exiting to the main menu
– Resolved a crash when accessing wand linking
– Resolved a crash when accessing initializing tools
– Resolved infinite loading screen if fast travelling to the Room of Requirement
– Resolved being stuck in an infinite load after disconnecting controller while fast travelling
– Resolved streaming issues with wall and several assets from a house when looking through outside the door in Irondale
– Resolved streaming issue of furniture and other elements of Pitt-Upon Ford house when the avatar passes by the door
– Optimization turning certain NPCs visibility mesh being considered for ray tracing
– Resolved PhysicalMaterial crash
– Resolved coastal entrance taking too long to stream in, blocking the avatar permanently if they fly through the tunnel
– Resolved significant performance drops and hitches before entering vault twelve
– Resolved last bridge on the way to the Dragon’s nest presenting streaming issues
– Resolved title crashing if the avatar uses ‘Avada Kedavra’ on ‘Cassandra Manson’ at the beginning of the boss fight
– Resolved crash after casting Diffindo at a goblin in the southern battle arena
– Resolved a soft lock happening when talking to Professor Weasley at the end of mission
– Resolved a major hitch while following Professor Binns
– Resolved general hitch issues throughout the game
– Resolved crash when attempting to enter Horklump Hollow
– Resolved crash during the first Knight fight
– Removed Online Chat Plugin because it has a chance to crash game
– Resolved general platform crashes
– Resolved crash when fast traveling to Hogsmeade floo flames
– Added spell impact optimization to fix hitches
– Optimization when streaming in different wand styles at Ollivander’s
– Resolved one of the rooms leading to the first astronomy table having a streaming delay
– Resolved hitches when the avatar loots any transfiguration or trait chests
– Resolved door connecting the North Hall with Transfiguration Courtyard having streaming issues
– Resolved the stairs leading to the Hufflepuff Basement having LOD issues and taking a while to load
– Resolved the interior of the owlery not streaming in when the avatar looks through the top window


– Resolved directional light popping on/off at certain times of day – Fixing up sun/moon
– Changes and additions made to the game credits
– Resolved light changing abruptly when the Avatar moves around near the Tower Tunnel
– Resolved flickering lighting on the window left of the Demiguise in Fig’s office
– Resolved sparkle seaweed roughness.
– Resolved Blue Light occurring outside of the Astronomy Tower After speaking to Amit
– Resolved the camera experiencing intense vibrations when the platform overlaps the bridge
– Resolved unintended shadow effect after casting Lumos
– Resolved window’s light streaming in and out when walking near the door that led to the Transfiguration Courtyard at day
– Resolved sunlight streaming in and out when the Avatar is climbing the ladder to the Divination Classroom
– Resolved issue with avatar casting no shadow in Gringotts vault
– Resolved physics simulation crashes



– Resolved graphical corruption issues at various locations of the game
– Optimizations for Apparate for PC low settings
– Optimizations for DisApparate for PC low settings
– Optimizations for Spell/AOE for Low PC
– Resolved Avada Kedavra spell VFX not being visible with effects quality set to Low
– Reduced spell VFX in Deathly Hallows
– Resolved a framerate drop around the manor on Steamdeck
– Resolved a frame drop from intro section of game up to reaching Hogwarts on Steamdeck
– Resolved ChromaSDKPlugin Update crash.
– Updated NRD
– Improved minimum pool sizes to prevent textures from getting too blurry
– Shader type compilation optimization
– Shader compilation performance updates and functionality enhancements


– Resolved issue with achievements do not follow Steam language


– Resolved back audio channels not playing and converting to ‘vibration’ when a ‘DualSense’ controller is set as the audio output
– Resolved rumble vibration feature not functioning on Sony controllers
– Dualsense controller support for PC
– Resolved Xbox prompts showning when playing with a PS5 DualSense Edge controller
– Resolved the d-pad interacting with the settings menu while the EULA is opened
– Resolved Switch Pro Controller spell diamond action keys incorrectly replicating the Xbox controller


– Resolved avatar appearing in the right corner of the screen during the Hogwarts invitation letter when using an Ultrawide monitor
– Resolved localization of Japanese line breaking rules not displaying correctly for low screen resolution


– Update DLSS to 3.1.2
– Set XeSS as default upscaler for Intel Arc GPUs
– Added warning to be shown when using outdated drivers on the Intel Arc GPU.
– Updated to FSR 2.2
-Updated to XeSS 1.1


– Fixed issue with RTAO and decals being black
– Adjusted lighting and shadows
– Resolved Ray tracing making odd or extremely bright visual effects on affected textures in certain areas: HL-9198
– Resolved Ray Tracing shadows creating a hitch when moving in a specific area of Hogsmeade at night


– Updated min driver recommendation for Nvidia cards
– Resolved Ranrok’s Orbs not breaking on low-spec PC: HL-9076
– Resolved GPU drivers warning prompt only appearing in English
– Resolved the “Nvidia Reflex Low Latency” tooltip not providing information on its options