Have a look at Need for Speed Underground 2 with RTX Remix Path Tracing

Need for Speed Underground 2 looks great with Nvidia’s RTX Remix Tech

A modder called UncleBurrito has given Need for Speed Underground 2 a huge graphical overhaul with Nvidia’s RTX Remix technology. This mod adds path traced lighting and new textures to this classic racing title, making the game look better than ever before.

Below is a video which showcases this mod in action on Nvidia’s RTX 4080. Note that this mod is a work in progress. While the mod does look great as is, there are issues like light pop-in, coloured neon lighting appearing white, and other minor issues. Player and opponent cars also feature matte material paint at the time of writing.

Performance-wise, Need for Speed Undergound 2’s remixed version calls for high-end hardware. On n RTX 4080 with DLSS set to Performance mode, the game only achieves 35-40 FPS framerates. The performance of this RTX mod is likely to improve as development progresses. Even so, these are high hardware demands for a modded game from 2004.

This remix mod for Need for Speed Underground 2 is in a much better state than the Need for Speed Most Wanted mod that we reported on last week. Uncleburrito’s mod does a great job maintaining the original game’s artstyle, and the mod is in a much more polished state than many other RTX Remixes. I’m personally looking forward to trying out future versions of this mod.

PC gamers can download UncleBurrito’s work in progress RTX Remix mod for Need for Speed Underground 2 through ModDB.

You can join the discussion on Need for Speed Underground 2’s RT Remix mod on the OC3D Forums.

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