Modder upgrades Control with Native HDR, 32:9, DLSS 2.5.1 support

Modder upgrades Control with Native HDR, 32:9, DLSS 2.5.1 support

Control now has a must-have mod on PC

Thanks to the modder Filippo Tarpini a new mod is available for Control’s PC version that delivers some major upgrades to the game. This mod is “Control HDR”, and to call this mod a simple HDR mod is an understatement. 

The headline feature of Control’s HDR mod is that it add native support for HDR to the game, improving colour accuracy while decreasing colour banding and allowing for greater contrast with brighter highlights. In addition to this, the mod also enables native support for ultrawide 32:9 monitors, fixes some UI issues that the game possesses and upgrades the game’s DLSS support to DLSS 2.5.1, improving the quality of Nvidia’s AI upscaler.

Modder upgrades Control with Native HDR, 32:9, DLSS 2.5.1 support

Other upgrades that this mod delivers is a new “Max” Textures setting that will improve texture streaming, improved support for Intel ARC GPUs, and a range of other minor fixes. 

Control’s HDR mod is currently available to download from the PC Gaming WIKI website, and full release notes for the mod are available below. 

You can join the discussion on Control’s HDR mod on the OC3D Forums. 

Control HDR release notes;

This patch adds native HDR to Control. It was achieved by rebuilding the game with modified code and shaders.
This is built on top of my previous Ultrawide fix patch.

Compared to the latest official release version (0.0.344.1879), these are the improvements:

– Native HDR (improves colour accuracy/banding, allows greater contrast and brighter highlights).
– Upgraded DLSS to 2.5.1 and improve its implementation (people reported this is compatible with FSR 2.1 injection)
– Added a new “Max” texture setting to improve the slow texture streaming.
– Full UltraWide support: unlock any resolution and aspect ratio, including 32:9+.
– Fixed UI issues at non 16:9 aspect ratios (e.g. enemies health bars were displaced).
– Some FOV and LOD fixes for UW.
– Improved window+borderless+fullscreen management.
– Fixed the game not launching correctly on non Nvidia non AMD GPUs (e.g. Intel Arc).
– Minor fixes and features around.