Modders do what EA Can’t – Mass Effect’s Pinnacle Station DLC has been ported to Legendary Edition

Modders do what EA Can't - Mass Effect's Pinnacle Station DLC has been ported to Legendary Edition

Modders have Ported Pinnacle Station into Mass Effect Legendary Edition  

Mass Effect Legendary Edition doesn’t feature all of Mass Effect’s DLC content. Mass Effect’s Pinnacle Station DLC is missing. While its content is not vital, it is a shame that EA’s upgraded version of the original Mass Effect Trilogy is not content complete. Thankfully, modders have achieved what EA couldn’t by porting the DLC to Mass Effect’s Legendary Edition. 

Mass Effect’s Pinnacle Station DLC was developed by Demiurge, who lost the source code for the DLC after it was released in 2009. This loss of source code prevented Pinnacle Station from being present in Mass Effect’s PlayStation 3 version and prevented EA/Bioware from adding the DLC to Mass Effect Legendary Edition. 

Achieving what EA couldn’t

The ME3Tweaks group has achieved what EA and Bioware couldn’t, releasing Mass Effect’s Pinnacle Station DLC as a mod for Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This mod restores Mass Effect’s lost DLC content by reverse-engineering the game’s original DLC. 

While this mod has its limitations, it makes the game’s Pinnacle Station DLC fully playable and addresses some fixes that improve the DLC’s playability. Right now, the mod is only available with English audio, though the mod has localised text support for Spanish, Italian, German and French. Future versions of this mod may offer support for more languages. 

Other limitations include lowered performance when compared to the rest of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, as more of the game’s lighting needs to be calculated at runtime. More information about this is available on the mod/DLC’s Nexus Mods page. 

    Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Pinnacle Station is an enhanced port of the original Pinnacle Station DLC, which was not included in the Legendary Edition due to lost and corrupted source code. The ME3Tweaks group has ported this DLC across from the original game, while remastering it in the same vein as the Legendary Edition and fixing numerous issues. This is the complete DLC: Pinnacle Station including all simulator maps. No content was cut for this port.

The DLC features a new space station built into an asteroid which houses a combat training facility jointly run by the Alliance Navy and the Turian Hierarchy. Practice and build your combat team using 4 different simulator maps and 4 different combat modes. Beat the other competitors on all 12 simulations to unlock the chance to win a unique prize.

To start the DLC go to the galaxy map on the Normandy and head to the Argos Rho cluster, Phoenix system.

Modders do what EA Can't - Mass Effect's Pinnacle Station DLC has been ported to Legendary Edition  
Mass Effect Legendary Edition’s Pinnacle Station DLC mod has put EA to shame by doing something that their developers couldn’t. The modders behind the project stated that their Pinnacle Station DLC project started in mid-September, which means that the mod went from concept to finished mod in less than two months. While EA still has their “lost source code” excuse, it is hard to see how EA couldn’t do the same work as the modders at ME3Tweaks. 

ME3Tweaks has thoroughly put EA to shame here. While the Mass Effect Legendary Edition is an impressive remastering effort, it can’t be denied that they could have brought Pinnacle Station into their full-priced re-release if they wanted to. 

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