New Half Life 2 Mod: Eternal Silence

For the lovers of all things Half Life 2, there is a new Mod out for the game – Eternal Silence. The storyline can be explained as:

A massive deep space war has broken out. The United Terran Forces must subdue the Galactic Militia outburst and restore the order of the systems. Your role in Eternal Silence will be within vital strategic battles between two massive capital warships. You will need your wits, your precision, your strength, your endurance, and above all your courage to take on the fierce challenges which await you.

Currently the Mod has been released as Eternal Silence Public Beta 1.0, and can be downloaded from here There is also an inclusion for both Windows and Linux binaries on the SpawnPoint website


* Full Infantry gameplay
* All but a few weapons ingame
* Immobile Capship Gameplay
* 2 Pilotable Craft (UTF Fighter + UTF Interceptor)
* 1 space scenario map (es_aethra_scenario)
* Full physics control (free flight and assisted flight)
* Sounds for all guns and all ship weapons
* Custom binding interface for mouse and joystick
* Mapping help and getting started tutorial available on wiki
* Automated capital ship turrets

Feel free to view the trailer here and for those who want to dicuss the game, SpawnPoint have an IRC channel available – #esmod on the Gamesurge Network

Feel free to discuss the new Half Life 2 Mod in our forum