PS3 emulators receives a major performance improvements with RPCS3's latest update

PC is becoming the best place to play PS3 games

PS3 emulators receives a major performance improvements with RPCS3's latest update

Metal Gear Solid 4 has recieved a 25-50% performance boost with RPCS3's latest updates, and more gains are on the horizon

RPCS3, the PlayStation 3 emulator for PC, has recieved some major performance updates, and even more are on the horizon. Thanks to a developer known as Nekotekina, RPSC3's SPU performance has been dramatically improved, reducing SPU bottlenecks across all PlayStation 3 games. This change alone can deliver significant performance improvements for RPCS3 users and help increase GPU utilisation, with Metal Gear Solid 4 receiving 25-50% performance gains depending on your hardware setup. 

Additionally, kd-11 utilised this SPU headroom to optimise RPCS3's RSX performance, giving gamers an additional 5-20% performance in most RSX heavy games. This includes Red Dead Redemption's demanding out-of-town areas.

Moving forward, the RPCS3 team has revealed that kd-11 has a new RSX performance improvement in the works, which this tome focuses on Zcull performance. Early testing has reportedly shown huge performance gains in Metal Gear Solid 4, though these performance optimisations will result in performance improvements across other PlayStation 3 games. 

Alongside these performance improvements, kd-11 has also fixed several Nvidia GPU issues that affected Uncharted 1/2's physics. This does not boost RPCS3's performance, but it makes its emulation more accurate/stable.

Below is a video showcases RPCS3's changes in action, and what the RPCS3 team had to say about the emulator's latest update.   

    Thanks to Nekotekina optimising SPU performance, SPU bottlenecks have been reduced across the board allowing for higher RSX (PS3 GPU) utilisation. Metal Gear Solid 4 saw the largest improvement from this change with most users seeing a 25-50% performance uplift! This change gave kd-11 some much-needed headroom to optimise RSX performance even further! And kd-11 has done just that, with a 5-20% performance gain in most RSX heavy games/areas such as outside of towns in Red Dead Redemption.

In fact, kd-11 is already working on another RSX improvement, this time to Zcull performance! Early testing has revealed yet another huge gain in Metal Gear Solid 4, and of course other games as well. Stay tuned. kd-11 also resolved a NVidia specific physics issue affecting Uncharted 1 & 2 due to differences in float calculations.

Meanwhile Vestral managed to get Audio and HDMI Support working with XMB/VSH (The PlayStation 3's OS)! This was a huge undertaking, and HDMI support had to be added in order for RSX Audio to even work. HDMI Support means, you can easily set VSH to 1080p without diving through settings as well! Thank you for your amazing contribution!

Why RPCS3 matters

Currently, PlayStation 3 games cannot be played outside of Sony's PlayStation 3 hardware ecosystem, at least officially. In time, Sony's PlayStation 3 hardware will become rarer, and Sony's PlayStation 3 servers will someday be shut down. With emulation, the PlayStation 3's content library can be preserved, allowing the system's games to be enjoyed by gamers well into the future.

With RPCS3, gamers can also play PlayStation 3 games at resolutions and framerates that are beyond the capabilities of Sony's PlayStation 3 hardware. 30 FPS games can be played at 60 FPS or higher framerates (with the right tweaks), and gamers can run PS3 games at higher resolutions than Sony's PS3 hardware. With RPCS3, many PS3 games can already run at smoother framerates and at higher resolutions on PC, making PC the best place to play many PlayStation 3 classics.

Last year, we wrote about how, through emulation, the Sly Cooper franchise is now best played on PC. With support for 4K resolutions and steady 60 FPS framerates on PC, the RPCS3 emulator can deliver stronger visuals and (possibly) more consistent performance than the game's PlayStation 3 versions. PC is now the best place to play this game series, despite the fact that the series was never officially released for the PC platform. That's the power of emulation. 

You can join the discussion on the RPCS3 emulator's latest performance boosts on the OC3D Forums.

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Wow! Another performance increase that's THIS dramatic?! These guys have been working a LOT lately! Impressive!Quote

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