RAGE 2 trailer leaks before the game’s official reveal

RAGE 2 trailer leaks before the game's official reveal

RAGE 2 trailer leaks before the game’s official reveal

Last week Walmart Canada leaked a long list of games that are expected to be showcased at E3 2018, one of which was Bethesda’s RAGE 2, which was teased heavily by the publisher in response to the early reveal. 

Bethesda’s image teasers included the number 5-14, which lines up to May 14th using the US date system, signalling an official reveal later today. This incoming reveal hasn’t stopped the internet from doing its thing and releasing Bethesda’s teaser trailer early, confirming that RAGE 2 is an official project that is in development by the publisher. 

The teaser trailer is included below, though it is likely that the retailer will be taken down by a Bethesda copyright claim in the near future. Sadly this teaser does not include gameplay and has not revealed the developer of the upcoming game. 

RAGE was released by id Software back in 2011, with the game receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews at launch, holding a review rating of “very positive” on Steam to this day, despite the game’s PC issues at launch.

Expect to hear more about RAGE 2 at E3 2018 at Bethesda’s E3 press conference, which will take place on June 10th. Bethesda has promised that this might be the publisher’s “largest E3 Showcase ever”. 

– Update – Bethesda has officially revealed RAGE 2 with an extended version of the previously leaked teaser trailer. We have replaced the leaked trailer with Bethesda’s official/extended version. 

RAGE 2’s gameplay reveal will take place sometime tomorrow, alongside the release of more information about the upcoming title. 

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