Redfall gives us a masterclass on how not to reveal a game’s PC system requirements

Redfall gives us a masterclass on how not to reveal a game's PC system requirements

Arkane Austin needs to give PC gamers more useful data than this

Yesterday Arkane Austin revealed the PC system requirements for Redfall’s PC version, releasing the image below detailing the game’s minimum recommended and ultra specifications for their game. Unfortunately, this image doesn’t give PC gamers much in the way of useful data, listing hardware specifications without resolution targets, framerate targets, or settings targets. 

Looking at the image below, it is clear that Arkane Austin has enough space to provide PC gamers with more information. An extra bar can be added to their specifications tables to add the aforementioned resolution/framerate/setting targets, and other areas of the image could have been used to deliver other useful pieces of information, such as details regarding ultrawide display support, support for super resolution technologies like XeSS, DLSS, and FSR, and information about the game’s support, or planned support, of ray tracing. 

Arkane Austin and their publisher Bethesda could have given PC gamers a lot of useful information with their PC system requirements reveal, and the fact that they didn’t should be seen as a red flag for PC gamers. When Redfall’s console versions are only launching with a 30 FPS quality mode, will PC gamers with high-end hardware be able to play Redfall at 60 FPS framerates or above? Yes, 60 FPS is planned for Xbox Series users as part of a post-launch update, but the lack of framerate targets in the image below makes us question how easily 60 FPS framerates can be achieved on PC. 

Redfall gives us a masterclass on how not to reveal a game's PC system requirements

Arkane, you could have easily created a more detailed list of PC system requirements and gave PC gamers information that is useful to players. The fact that this isn’t the case makes us wonder why you have bothered. Without settings or framerate targets, these specifications lists are not that useful to PC gamers. Aside from listing GPU/system memory requirements and listing this game’s SSD storage requirement, there isn’t that much in the way of useful information here. You could have done better, and you should have done better.

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