Returnal’s April 19th PC patch adds AMD’s FSR 2 tech, PSO cache options and more

Returnal's April 19th PC patch adds AMD's FSR 2 tech, PSO cache options and more

Returnal’s latest update adds new bug fixes, PSO rebuilding options, and FSR 2

Housemarque and Climax Studios have released a new update for the PC version of Returnal, adding support for AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution 2 (FSR 2) technology to the game alongside some new bug fixes and a PSO cache rebuild option. 

Previously, Returnal supported AMD’s FidelityFX 1.0 upscaler alongside Nvidia’s DLSS technology. While FSR 1.0 was a great option to have, AMD’s FidelityFX 2.0 technology delivers superior upscaling results thanks to its more advanced technological underpinnings. FSR 1.0 is a spatial upscaler, and FSR 2 is a temporal upscaler, meaning that FSR 1.0 has only one frame’s worth of data to use for its upscaling, and FSR 2.0 can use multiple frames of data to deliver superior results.

Returnal's April 19th PC patch adds AMD's FSR 2 tech, PSO cache options and more

Returmal’s PC version was already solid, and the addition of FSR 2.0 and the game’s latest bug fixes will only make the game ever better to play on PC. At the bottom of this article we have included the full release notes for Returnal’s April 19th PC update. 

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Returnal Patch Notes – April 19th Update

– Upgraded to AMD FSR 2
– Added option to manually rebuild PSO cache to Settings > Graphics
– Fixed specific hitches that can occur during boss fights
– Fixed out of world issue when loading into the start room of Crimson Wastes after suspending
– Fixed issue with sandstorm appearing where it shouldn’t in Crimson Wastes
– Fixed issue with sandstorm vignette sometimes appearing on Crimson Wastes after suspending