RTS/FPS Hybrid Executive Assault 2 is coming to Steam Early Access

RTS/FPS Hybrid Executive Assault 2 is coming to Steam Early Access

RTS/FPS Hybrid Executive Assault 2 is coming to Steam Early Access

Have you ever played an RTX game and thought “I wish I would take it to the battlefield and show my opponents what for!”, well that’s basically what Hesketh Studio’s Executive Assault is all about. This game merges both RTS and FPS gameplay to deliver both real-time strategic battles and in the moment FPS-style encounters, where both a commander’s tactical skill and their battle prowess will be on full display. 

Executive Assault 2 will release on Steam Early Access on October 18th, with the aim of the game being the domination of rival factions/corporations, amassing more tech and wealth than your rivals to reign supreme. On Steam Early Access, the game will feature a skirmish mode and online multiplayer, though Hesketh Studios plans to release a single-player component as the game progresses through Early Access. Executive Assault 2 is set to be available on Steam Early Access for six to twelve months, after which the game should be in a launch-ready state. 

Over time Executive Assault 2’s UI will be altered based on customer feedback, new technologies will be added to the game, and all early placeholder assets will be replaced with higher-quality finished pieces. 

Main Features:

– Unique combination of real-time unit command gameplay and fast-paced FPS action
– Customizable corporation, unit and product names and emblem designs
– Build your very own fully explorable space station
– Design and construct dozens of starship fleets
– Take starfighters out into space for epic dogfights
– Manufacture goods to sell to traders to make a profit and grow your armies
– Research over 60 technologies for more powerful units and better upgrades
– Invade other space stations for resources or show no mercy by blowing them up!
– Build multiple Super Weapons, including the system-destroying Monolith ship
– Random encounters.

As a genre, traditional base-building RTS games have mostly disappeared, leaving room in the market for a new game to take centre stage within the niche market, with the combination of RTS and FPS gameplay providing a unique gameplay twist that will no doubt tickle the fancy of most RTS veterans. That being said it is unknown how well this game will play in practice, though the original has achieved a “very positive” review rating on Steam. 

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