See Skyblivion in action – Modders stream four hours of new gameplay footage

Devs release 4-hour of new Skyblivion gameplay footage

Devs release 4-hour of new Skyblivion gameplay footage 

Skyblivion is one of the most ambitious mods in Skyrim history, aiming to remake The Elder Scrolls Oblivion within The Elder Scrolls Skyrim’s engine, enhancing the classic RPG with improved visuals, combat, gameplay mechanics, and more. 

While the mod is far from finished, Skyblivion is currently in a playable state, allowing Rebelzize, the lead developer behind the Skyblivion project, to stream four hours of Skyblivion gameplay and answer questions from the mod’s growing fanbase. The stream covers large sections of the game, highlighting many of the mod’s completed sections and areas that are currently unfinished.

During the stream, the Skyblivion team confirmed that they are working with Nexus Mods to create a dedicated Skyblivion page on their website, allowing modders to create new content for Skyblivion when the mod is finished and released. This will allow Skyblivion to become a new modding platform for gamers, and perhaps allow existing Oblivion mods to be recreated for Skyblivion. 

   Oblivion Remade in the Skyrim engine. Remaking Oblivion in the Skyrim engine is what we set out to do when we started the Skyblivion project. Making games takes time, this goes double for a volunteer project the size of a AAA game that took a team of fulltime DEVS years to make. Regardless we would like to share today that Skyblivion is in a state where we can promise a 2025 release at the latest.

Skyblivion is due to be released in 2025, or earlier is the Skyblivion team can complete their work faster than expected. As a unpaid modding project, Skyblivion is developed using the free time and passion of the team behind it, a factor that can make progress slow depending on the circumstances that each developer finds themselves in. 

If you are interested in contributing to Skyblivion, you can apply to join the team here.

You can join the discussion on Skyblivion’s latest gameplay stream on the OC3D Forums.