Temtem, a Pokemon-like RPG for PC, has hit Kickstarter

Temtem, a Pokemon-like RPG for PC, has hit Kickstarter

Temtem, a Pokemon-like RPG for PC, has hit Kickstarter 

Temtem has hit Kickstarter, a “massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure” where players capture wild creatures called Temtem, train them and battle with them in an adventure that spans six islands. 

Let’s not kid ourselves, Temtem is a Pokemon game for PC, offering similar challenges and gameplay to the Nintendo classics while also providing gamers better visuals, extensive multiplayer/co-op support and MMO like features such as player housing and the ability to interact with other players at any time. If you have been dreaming of a Pokemon RPG, Temtem might be what you are looking for. 

Similarities to Game Freak’s Pokemon series are everywhere, from the Temtem themselves to mechanics like training, breeding, capturing and evolution to the game’s turn-based combat system with 12 Temtem types and their respective strengths and weaknesses. One of the campaign’s stretch goals is the inclusion of a Nuzlocke game mode, a term that longtime pokemon fans will be very familiar with.

Players are also expected to defeat the “ever annoying Clan Belsoto” travel across the land and beat all eight “Dojo” leaders, Temtem clearly displays its Pokemon inspirations on its sleeves. 

Crema, the developer behind Temtem, expects to release the game on Steam Early Access in September 2019, releasing the game on PC exclusively. The developers will also develop a Nintendo Switch version of the game if they raise over $250,000 on Kickstarter.  

Temtem’s funding target currently sits at $70,000, earning over $12,000 so far thanks to the contributions of around 300 backers. Crema has 33 days to gain the finding that they desire. 

Some gamers have been crying for an alternative to Nintendo’s Pokemon series for over a decade, either hoping to see a similar game outside of Nintendo traditionally weak handheld hardware or to see the genre opened up in ways that Game Freak have so far been unwilling to do with their iconic Pokemon series.

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