The Callisto Protocol’s latest update adds Hardcore Mode and ray tracing optimisations and more

The Callisto Protocol's latest update adds Hardcore Mode and ray tracing optimisations and more

The Callisto Protocol has gotten more hardcore with the game’s latest update

The Callisto Protocol has recieved another major update, an 11GB patch that adds a new “Hardcore Mode” to the game alongside a new set of bug fixes and performance optimisations. 

On PC, The Callisto protocol’s latest update is said to deliver ray tracing performance improvements, enabling higher framerates for gamers with compatible hardware. That said, The Callisto Protocol’s PC version remains very CPU limited when ray tracing is enabled, which limits the impact of these performance gains.

With Hardcore Mode, The Callisto Protocol’s difficulty is increased by reducing the number of ammo, health, and credit drops from defeated enemies, increasing enemy damage, decreasing stun baton damage, and increasing enemy mutation speed. A Hardcore New Game+ mode had also been added, which requires a finished playthrough of the game’s Hardcore mode to access. Alongside this mode, new achievements and trophies have also been added to The Callisto Protocol on all platforms. 

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The Callisto Protocol’s February 7th Update Release Notes

Hardcore Mode

A challenging take on The Callisto Protocol’s survival-horror experience, intended to push you to your limits, Hardcore mode is not for the faint of heart. Here’s what you can expect;

– Ammo, health and credits are harder to come by and not every Biophage will drop loot.
– Increased enemy damage
– Decreased Stun Baton damage
– Increased enemy mutation speed
– Reduced contraband value
– Hardcore Mode New Game+ (requires completion of standard Hardcore Mode playthrough)
– New Achievements / Trophies to hunt


– Players that were not correctly granted the “The Protocol is About Life” achievement upon completing the game will be automatically granted the achievement
– Localization fixes for leveling and VO/subtitle mismatches
– Optimized enemy combat AI when player is surrounded by multiple enemies

PC Specific

– Ray tracing performance improvements