The Xbox App for PC has just gotten some major upgrades

The Xbox App for PC has just gotten some major upgrades

Expect big changes to the Xbox app for PC

Microsoft’s Xbox app for PC is far from being the best, lacking features that are common amongst all other game launchers. Thankfully, Microsoft has been listening to the PC gaming community and has revealed a large number of changes that will be coming to the Xbox app for PC soon. 

For starters, Microsoft has worked to increase the reliability of game downloads using their service, and they have also worked to increase the rate at which players can download games from their servers. Beyond that, Xbox Insiders will soon be able to choose where their games will install on their PC, allowing PC gamers to install Xbox app games on whichever drive they wish. Xbox games are no longer restricted to your PC’s C: drive. 

Modding Support

Another annoying part of the Xbox App for PC is how the app installs its games. With Xbox Insider access, PC gamers using the Xbox App will soon be able to access the installation folders of their games to enable modding. Additional options have also been added to the Windows 11 game bar to give gamers more options for Windows 11’s Auto HDR feature, which can update PC games with HDR support in the same way that Xbox Series X/S can deliver HDR backwards compatible games. 

These changes will boost the appeal of Microsoft’s Xbox App for PC and the appeal of Xbox Game Pass for PC. Modding support for games on Xbox Game Pass has been a huge bugbear for many PC enthusiasts, especially for games like Nier Automata and The Elder Scrolls Skyim. 

The video below highlights many of the changes that PC gamers can expect from Microsoft’s Xbox App for PC soon.

Cloud Gaming through the Xbox App

Using the Xbox App, Xbox Insiders can now see options for Xbox Cloud gaming if they are an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber, allowing users of underpowered PCs to access a large number of Xbox titles. This option also allows PC gamers to try out titles before committing to lengthy downloads, though it is worth remembering that Xbox Cloud gaming only streams Xbox titles (currently). Even so, this is a great option for PC gamers, especially those who do not have powerful gaming systems. Even a low-spec laptop can play Xbox games through the cloud. 

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