Total War: Three Kingdoms delayed – New in-engine cinematic trailer

Total War: Three Kingdoms delayed - New in-engine cinematic trailer

Total War: Three Kingdoms delayed – New in-engine cinematic trailer

Creative Assembly has released their first in-engine cinematic trailer for Total War: Three Kingdoms, subtly confirming that the developer has delayed the release of the game has September 2018 until Spring 2019.   

Total War: Three Kingdoms will follow one of the bloodiest periods of Chinese history, covering the events of the “Three Kingdoms” period of the nation’s history, a time of technological innovation and political turmoil, an ideal time for a new Total War title. 

This historical period has been heavily romanticised in the 14th-century epic “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, with this telling of the story being extremely culturally significant in modern-day China. To offer an ideal blend of cultural and historical accuracy, Creative Assembly has decided to create both a “romanticised history” game mode and a “classic” game mode in Total War: Three Kingdoms, each of which will offer gameplay differences to suit each narrative. 

The default, “romanticised history” mode for Total War: Three Kingdoms will place a greater focus on characters, who are often portrayed as having legendary strength and combat ability in legend, allowing generals in this mode to have no bodyguard unit and be able to fight full units by themselves in some cases. Generals in this mode will act more like their Total War: Warhammer counterparts than General characters in previous historical Total War games. 

Total War: Three Kingdom’s latest trailer focuses on Cao Cao, a warlord famous for his cunning, intelligence and his strategic mind. While this will help to build some hype for the historical period, I honestly would have preferred some actual gameplay. 


Total War: Three Kingdoms will undoubtedly offer a different gameplay experience than its predecessors, with Creative Assembly promising a “host of new campaign systems”, which means that the game will undoubtedly play very differently than other historical games in the series. 

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