Total War: Three Kingdoms – E3 gameplay

Total War: Three Kingdoms - E3 gameplay trailer

Total War: Three Kingdoms – E3 gameplay trailer

Creative Assembly has released their first in-battle gameplay footage for Total War: Three Kingdoms, showcasing the game’s visuals as well as a selection of new gameplay mechanics. 
Unlike previous historical Total War titles, Three Kingdoms places a greater focus on Generals and Hero units, charismatic figures that can quickly turn the tide of battles if used correctly. Cao Cao, the attacking general acts as a support character, lacking overwhelming combat prowess while offering the ability to debuff enemy units and provide allied troops additional formation options. 
Hero vs hero combat can also be decided in the form of a dual, where both units engage in battle until one dies or retreats. This feature offers a different way to take on enemy commanders, aside from the usual “swarm him with troops” tactic. 

     Its 199 CE, the events of the Three Kingdoms era are well underway. Lü Bu sits in Xiapi, isolated, and the legendary commander Cao Cao sees an opportunity to strike and take Lü Bu down before his strength becomes too great.


Total War: Three Kingdoms is set to release in Spring 2019, much later than the game;’s original release date this September. 

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