Total War: Three Kingdoms trailer reveals a beautiful campaign map

Total War: Three Kingdoms trailers reveals beautiful campaign map

Total War: Three Kingdoms trailer reveals a beautiful campaign map 

A lot of PC gamers were disappointed in Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia, shipping with the 32-bit Attilla Engine and graphics that were well below the hights that were reached in the Total War: Warhammer series. 

With the next major entry into the historical Total War series, Total War: Three Kingdoms, Creative Assembly plans to wow gamers once more with picturesque landscapes, large-scale real-time battles and showcase the variety of landscapes and environments that third-century China can provide. 

The latest trailer for Total War: Three Kingdoms focuses on Sun Jian, a man who played a vital role in the formation of the Kingdom of Sun Wu. The trailer also showcases Total War: Three Kingdoms’ campaign map, showcasing forested landscapes, mountainous terrain, glinting rivers and sun-soaked plains. 

In this trailer, we see Sun Jian discover the imperial seal, a legendary artefact that is said to find its way to China’s true Emporer. This discovery sets Sun Jian on a journey where he will attempt to unify China once more. 

    Discover the beauty of ancient China in the latest Total War: THREE KINGDOMS cinematic trailer, which features the first glimpse of the game’s spectacular campaign map. This stunning video showcases a land of vibrant colours and rich detail, but one plagued by tyranny and turbulence.


Unlike previous Total War games, Total War: Three Kingdoms will contain two gameplay styles for its grand campaign, with both “Classic Mode” and “Romance of the Three Kingdoms mode”, with classic mode acting as a traditional, more historically accurate, Total War experience while Romance mode will offer players a more character-driven experience.

In Classic Mode, Generals and commanders are men like any other, with a bodyguard unit and standard levels of durability. In Romance mode, Generals will be much more powerful than the average soldier, taking on entire units of soldiers by themselves or provide large buffs and debuffs to allies or opponents.   

Total War: Three Kingdoms is set to release in Spring 2019. 

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