Twitter launches inferior “new” TweetDeck and expects users to pay for it

Twitter launches inferior

After breaking classic TweetDeck, Musk’s Twitter now wants users to pay for an inferior version

Today, Elon Musk’s Twitter has released a “new, improved version of TweetDeck”, and have announced that TweetDeck will become a “Verified” feature in 30 days. This change will make TweetDeck a paid feature for Twitter users, a shift that will no doubt irritate the many users who have been using TweetDeck for free for the past decade. 

This change on Twitter comes alongside major alterations to the Twitter platform, including limits on the number of Tweets that can be viewed each day by users. Over the past few days, this change appears to have prevented several aspects of TweetDeck, what we will now call Classic TweetDeck, from functioning correctly. This is likely why Twitter has now rolled out their new version of TweetDeck, which has been available in preview form for some time.

Aside from making a previously free feature a part of a subscription service, Twitter’s new TweetDeck has rattled long-term users by removing key features like the ability to view and manage multiple Twitter accounts from a single Deck. Twitter’s new TweetDeck requires frequent account switching, and prevents users with multiple accounts from quickly seeing and responding to comments and other notifications. Not only is TweetDeck becoming a paid for feature, it is also less functional than before.  

Twitter launches inferior

In 30 days, TweetDeck will require a Twitter Blue subscription, a service that costs £9.60 per month in the UK. While this is not hugely expensive for heavy users of Twitter and TweetDeck, Twitter will need to quickly re-implement several critical features of TweetDeck to make this a price that is remotely worthwhile.

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