Two Point Hospital removes Denuvo DRM in beta hotfix/patch

Two Point Hospital removed Denuvo DRM in beta hotfix/patch

Two Point Hospital removes Denuvo DRM in beta hotfix/patch

Last week, SEGA and Two Point Studios launched Two Point Hospital on PC, receiving highly positive reviews from both gamers and critics alike.

The game itself is a spiritual successor to Theme Hospital and sits in the same category as management sims like Rollercoaster Tycoon, Prison Architect and Cities Skylines, granting gamers control of a hospital where patients can become afflicted with strange ailments like “8-bitten” (people become 8-bit sprites) and “Light Headedness” (where patients have a light bulb for a head). 

Shortly before the game’s official launch, Two Point Hospital Denuvo Anti-Tamper protection was cracked, making the DRM effectively useless. Two Point Studios and SEGA have now released a patch to remove Denuvo entirely, to entice Denovo boycotters to purchase the game. 

Denovo has long been at the centre of the DRM debate, being blamed for reduced game performance and worse over the past few years. Many bad ports have had their issues set at the feet of Denuvo by the PC gaming community, but that doesn’t mean that there is no merit to the Denuvo hate train. 

Two Point Hospital’s Denuvo removing patch is currently in beta, though it is expected to be added to the default branch of the game in the coming days. This patch also addresses several issues within the game, from crashes to save file issues and even odd AI behaviour. Hotfix 1.02 does a lot more than merely remove Denuvo from the game.        

While Denuvo can now be removed from Two Point Hospital, the game still used Steam DRM, making the title far from DRM-free. Even so, this can be seen as a positive step for gamers, especially for those who get frustrated by the mere mention of Denuvo. 


To install Two Point Hospital’s hotfix 1.02 beta, please follow the instructions below.

1. Right-click Two Point Hospital in your game library and select Properties.
2. Select the BETAS tab.
3. Choose twopointhospital_patch_beta from the drop-down menu.
4. The build will start downloading.

Below are the patch notes for Two Point Hospital Hotfix 1.02.


• Fixed crash on boot, caused by machines reporting that they don’t support 720p
• Fixed crash on boot caused by invalid timezone
• Added logging to help track down further crashes


• Fixed majority of load fails (These were mostly caused by guest trainer or room building. The issue was most commonly seen in Mitten University)
• Fixed various cases of bad data getting in to save files
• Fall backs for characters that were saved in a bad state so that they can pick up what they were doing


• Fixed some issues to do with characters getting the nav fail icon over their head for seemingly no reason
• Fixed characters sometimes switching between behaviors too often
• Fixed doctors behaving weirdly when being interrupted in operating theater
• Fixed characters sometimes teleporting out of rooms
• Fixed VIPs that slide around after loading a save
• Fixed Recurvery machine upgrade causing invalid interaction points, which could cause the room to become broken


• Fixed item placement breaking when you have a clock over a fire extinguisher
• Fixed a occasional problem caused by items being moved to a blueprint
• Fixed localisation error in Settings screen (for German, Chinese and Polish)
• Replaced Denuvo anti-tamper with Steam DRM

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