You can now debloat all versions of Windows 11 with Tiny11

Tiny11’s latest release can trim down all versions of Windows 11

NTDEV, the creator of Tiny11, has released a major update for their Windows 11 debloating tool. Now the tool is more flexible and capable than ever before, supporting all versions of Windows 11, not just specific builds of the OS.

For the uninitiated, Tiny11 is a tool that’s designed to lower the footprint of Windows 11. It saves disk and RAM space by removing features that users don’t need or want. Basically, this tool can lower the system requirements of Windows 11, freeing up resources for what users want to do. This can even result in performance gains in some applications.

With Tiny11’s new update, the tool can now support all versions of Windows, regardless of language, version, or architecture. Using the scripting capabilities of PowerShell, the program has been simplified and is much easier to use. Thanks to these changes, this program can be used to create debloated ISOs for Windows 11 users.

With Tiny11 being Open Source on GitHub, the Windows community has access to the program’s code. The ensures that the program works as intended, and doesn’t install anything unnecessary under the hood. This means that your debloated version of Windows 11 will be virus free. Even so, that does not guarantee that you will have a problem-free experience.

The problem with Tiny11

One thing that’s worth noting is that only official Windows Images from Microsoft are officially supported and, therefore, safe to use. Debloating Windows 11 with Tiny11’s scripts can create versions of the OS that are unsafe or unstable. Unofficial versions of Windows may face problems when updating. On top of that, some programs may face unexpected compatibility issues. After all, programs expect to be running on official versions of Windows, and Windows Update expects to be updating unmodified versions of the OS.

It is also possible that Windows updates may simply install all of the “bloat” that you used Tiny11 to remove. To conclude, Tiny11 is a tool that’s only worth using if you are willing to deals with any complications that arise. Tiny11 is a great idea, but messing with your Windows installs isn’t something that we recommend. If you use Tiny11, you are responsible for any unforeseen consequences.

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