How About A 32GB Flash Max Drive?

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American peripherals manufacturer Kanguru Solutions, has released a 32GB capacity flash drive. Unimaginatively named, the Kanguru 32GB Flash Max Drive is a high strength, high capacity USB2.0 flash drive that stores up to 32GB! The Kanguru Flash Max sports a rugged aluminum exterior housing that provides durability and ultimately extends the life of the drive.

The Kanguru Flash Drive Max comes complete with KanguruShield security software, allowing Windows users the option of password protection for secure data. The KanguruShield software allows users to resize and format the flash drive space into public and/or private partitions. Setting up the KanguruShield security software is easy and user friendly!


* Store up to 32GB!
* Rugged and lightweight design, weighs only 18 g
* High Strength Aluminum housing
* High speed USB2.0 (480mbps)
* Uses Top Grade Flash Memory, 10 year data retention
* Backwards compatible with USB1.1 ports
* Plug and Play!
* Includes USB Extension Cable
* Works with Windows and Macintosh, and Linux
* KanguruShield security utility included (Windows Only)

Kanguru Flash Drive

All this storage capacity for a cool US$1499.99.

Interested in owning the Kanguru 32GB Flash Max Drive? It’s available from here

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