MSI delivers a wave of SPATIUM SSD deals for March 2023

MSI delivers a wave of SPATIUM SSD deals for March 2023

MSI has launched some killer SSD deals for March 2023

This month, MSI will be offering PC builders significant discounts on their SPATIUM M371 and SPATIUM M460 SSDs, allowing them to access blazing-fast storage speeds at some great prices. 

MSI’s SPATIUM M371 500GB and 1TB models are now available for £29.99 and £49.99 respectively, offering PC builders a tonne of storage at an incredibly low price. Yes, these drives are not the fastest on the market, but they are fast enough to run modern games and offer users a lot of capacity given their pricing. A 1TB SSD for under £50 is a steal. 

Moving onto the SPATIUM M460 and we have a drive that offers much higher performance levels while still maintaining solid pricing. The £119.99 2TB model is of particular interest, as it offers buyers great bang for their buck in terms of both storage capacity and storage performance. While the 1TB model only costs a respectable £74.99, the drive’s 2TB model is clearly where the best value is.


– 500GB MSI SPATIUM M371 NVMe SSD (2200MB/s Read & 1150MB/s Write) – 29% Off – £29.99

– 1TB MSI SPATIUM M371 NVMe SSD (2350MB/s Read & 1700MB/s Write) – 32% Off – £49.99


– 1TB MSI SPATIUM M460 NVMe SSD (5000MB/s Read & 4500MB/s Write) – 24% Off – £74.99

– 2TB MSI SPATIUM M460 NVMe SSD (4900MB/s Read & 4400MB/s Write) – 28% Off – £119.99

MSI delivers a wave of SPATIUM SSD deals for March 2023

With new games like Atomic Heart taking up 90GB of storage on its own, it makes sense for PC gamers to invest in additional PC storage if they can afford it. Nobody wants to delete and redownload their games, or find something to delete before trying out the latest games or software. If you need more SSD storage in your system and have some spare M.2 slots, these M.2 SSDs from MSI are solid options.

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