NEC Develops Chipset For Blu-Ray / HD-DVD Recorder

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In what could be deemed as possibly the most intelligent course of action in the HD-DVD and Blu-RAY format war; Japanese electronics manufacturer NEC are developing a chipset which can read and write both.

According to our source, NEC is already shipping chipsets which can read both the discs to manufacturers. The chipset when developed will look like a normal optical drive on your PC but will connect using the new SATA II or Parallel ATA interface. The drive will support recording HD-DVD and Blu-Ray discs at 5X, DVD±R/±RW/-RAM at 16X and CD-R/-RW at 48X.

NEC expects the chipset to be in mass production by Q4 2006, and by the start of 2007, 300,000 chips will be produced monthly.

NEC chipset

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