New Kingston Technology 2GB microSD Dual Adapter Pack

News Posted 25/04/07
Author: PV5150
Source: Kingston Technology

Official Press Release

Official Press Release

Kingston Technology, the world’s leading independent memory manufacturer, today announced the launch of a new 2GB microSD card with ‘mini’ and ‘standard’ size Secure Digital (SD) adapters. The new micro SD card comes complete with two adapters, and is designed to maximise compatibility and interoperability between mobile phones, digital cameras and portable media devices – increasing the flexibility of the microSD platform.

Jim Selby, Product Marketing Manager EMEA, Kingston Technology comments:

“With microSD cards becoming the standard in many multifunctional handsets, Kingston decided to enhance the popular and very practical microSD dual adapter pack with the addition of a 2GB card.” Selby continues, “The new 2GB microSD dual adapter bundle lets consumers do more with a single card investment and it is also advantageous to retailers, with fewer SKUs to stock.”

Consisting of a 2GB microSD card, a microSD to miniSD card adapter and a microSD to full-size SD card adapter – the new 2GB microSD dual adapter pack (SDC/2GB-2ADP) costs £27.30 (plus VAT) and comes with a lifetime warranty for the 2GB microSD card and free 24/7 technical support.

Kingston Technology designs and builds mobile memory solutions ranging from microSD, miniSD and MMCmobile cards to standard SD cards. As more advanced wireless devices are introduced, Kingston will produce larger capacity mobile memory solutions to support new storage requirements.

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