Patriot Forays into NAS Market with Corza

Patriot Forays into NAS Market with Corza
Memory manufacturer Patriot Memory today debuted its first offering for home networks in the form of Corza – its first network attached storage (NAS) solution. According to the company, Corza is the perfect solution for users with home server needs.
The launch of Corza marks Patriot’s entry into the expanding NAS market. The company’s first NAS solution comes with two slots for traditional 3.5in hard disk drives, allowing users the luxury of having up to 4TB storage space. The dual hot-swap HDD design makes it easier for users to upgrade and expand the storage space on their home network.
Additional features on Corza include a RAID 0, 1 and JBOD controller in addition to a Gigabit Ethernet port. This should allow users to stream up to 3 HD movies across the network at the same time. The NAS will also support FTP connections to make it easier for users to remotely share files with other network users from any internet connected computer.
While the company has not released pricing or availability details, it is expecting to establish a firm foothold in the NAS market with Corza.
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