Patriot Introduces TorqX M28 SSDs with 10 Year Warranty

Patriot Introduces TorqX M28 SSDs with 10 Year Warranty
The new TorqX M28 series SSD from Patriot MemoryPatriot Memory today bumped up its SSD line-up with the introduction of the TorqX M28 series featuring 128GB and 256GB capacity drives. The launch also sees Patriot set a new trend in the SSD market with the introduction of a 10 year warranty on the drives.
The two new SSDs boast of a 128MB cache buffer, a first for Patriot, which only offered 64MB cache in its earlier SSDs. The increased buffer gives the M28 drives better write speeds of 200MB/s; the read speeds have however, dropped by about 40MB/s from earlier TorqX models to just 200MB/s.
Other features of the TorqX M28 series include a SATA 3.0Gbps interface and over 1 million hours MTBF. The bundled 3.5in adapter bracket makes it easy for users to mount the drives to traditional HDD slots.
Talking about the new releases, Meng J Choo, Flash Product Manager for Patriot said, “The TorqX series SSDs takes the technology of SSD to the next level. Competitor non-cache drives suffered from what consumers described as ‘stuttering affect’ which inhibited the drive performance. TorqX Series addresses this issue with a DRAM cache that acts as a buffer for data transfer bottlenecks and increases the random and sequential read and write transfer rates.”
With OCZ recently extending the warranty on all its SSDs, Patriot has decided to take things further by introducing an impressive 10 years’ warranty on the TorqX. This is a first for the SSD market and should hopefully set a new trend that will benefit SSDs users. At the same time, pricing and availability on the new drives will have to wait until Patriot comes through with details.
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