Pioneer’s New SATA DVD Writers

Official Press Release

Pioneer Unveils Dynamic Duo of New Multi-Format SATA DVD Writers

Pioneer Europe today announces the availability of its new dynamic duo of DVD writers: the DVR-212 (beige-coloured bezel) and DVR-212BK (black-coloured bezel). The speedy and versatile drives record at 18X speed to write-once media DVD media (DVD-R and +R), 10X speed to write-once Dual Layer/ Double Layer (DL) media (DVD-R DL and +R DL) and 12X to DVD-RAM media. The writers include a range of original Pioneer technologies to enhance writing performance. They’re also the company’s first to offer a SATA interface.

The inclusion of the SATA interface offers a range of advantages to systems builders and end-users. Key highlights include the fact that SATA connections can be made using thinner, more flexible cables (this improves the flow of cooling air within PCs’ chassis), the facility to connect four devices from one cable, and higher data transfer rates of up to 1.5 gigabits/sec. SATA interfaces also ensure optimum ease of installation for end-users; with full plug and play capabilities and 100 per cent software compatibility, the drives are ready for use as soon as they’re connected.

‘The new models integrate technologies to improve the quality of writing and reduce operational noise – an important feature for the increasing number of users who watch movies and listen to music on their PCs,’ says Chris Tampsett, Sales Director, Pioneer Europe Multimedia Division. ‘They also provide just about the fastest available write speeds across a versatile range of media; a user can write four hours of standard footage or two hours of high-quality footage to a Dual/Double Layer disc in around ten and a half minutes. And with a SATA interface providing simple, high-speed connections, the surety of Pioneer reliability and a competitive price, the writers make a sensible and attractive DVD purchase.’

Formats and write speeds

The DVR-212 and DVR-212BK multi-format drives write at 18X[1] speed on DVD-R and +R, 10X1,2 on DVD-R DL and +R DL, 6X1 on DVD-RW and 8X1 on +RW. Its write speed for DVD-RAM3 media is an industry-leading 12X1, while CD-R and CD-RW media are catered for at 40X1 and 32X1 speeds respectively. The high write speed of 18X is achieved with DVD-R and +R discs through the adoption of the CAV recording system, while Pioneer’s proprietary technologies ensure the disc has been recorded accurately and efficiently. Read/Write performance technologies The DVR-212 and DVR-212BK retain Pioneer’s Disc-Resonance Stabiliser technology. This controls the airflow generated by disc rotation in order to minimise disc warping that can occur when media rotates at high speed.

As well as Buffer Under Run protection technology, writing performance is further advanced by key innovations including:

‘A Multi-Effect Liquid Crystal Tilt Compensator: it operates at high speed – even on Dual Layer/ Double Layer media types – to ensure precise writing to the disc by automatically compensating for discs that are warped or of uneven thickness.

· An Ultra Dynamic Resonance Absorber: this reduces the instability and vibrations caused by imbalanced or damaged media, maintaining the integrity of the recording and playback performance. · Performance Adjusting Firmware: this optimises the disc’s rotation speed depending on the user’s application – for example, if watching a movie or listening to music, the disc velocity is reduced keeping background noise to a minimum.

Two models are available:

· DVR-212: Multi-format drive, beige front bezel
· DVR-212BK: Multi-format drive, black front bezel


The writers are available now on an OEM basis in PCs and can also be purchased from Pioneer’s distribution network.

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