TDK Jumps into SSD Fray

TDK Jumps into SSD Fray
TDK has stormed into the SSD market with its SDG2A drives.Everyone seems to be going gaga over SSDs, with manufacturers launching their own versions left and right. This time around, it is the turn of TDK Corporation. The electronics giant has stormed into the SSD market with their line of SDG2A drives.
The company has launched the compact SSD drive in a 2.5in model targeted at notebooks and netbooks, with plans of smaller 1in and 1.8in versions down the line. These will primarily be designed for small factor media players like the Apple iPod, but could also find good use in GPS systems and other consumer electronics.
The initial offering comes in two versions – one with SLC NAND flash memory and the other with MLC NAND flash memory. While the SLC model ranges in memory from a minimum of 1GB to a maximum of 32GB, the MLC version comes with a cap of 64GB. The new SSDs feature read and write speeds of 95MBps and 55MBps respectively, which put them at the lower-end of the speed spectrum.
Depending on the NAND flash memory used, the drives also support 8 or 15-bit ECC for error correction. An in-built data protection system ensures there is no data loss in the event of power failure while a write operation is taking place.
Sourced from Samsung, TDK expects to gain a foothold in the netbooks market with these rebranded SSDs. While the company has not revealed availability or pricing details, the target market gives an indication that the drives might be priced on the lower side.
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