ASUS Announces their Mini PC ProArt PA90 – Workstation Performance in a Compact Form Factor

ASUS Announces their Mini PC ProArt PA90 - Workstation Performance in a Compact Form Factor

ASUS Announces their ProArt PA90 – Workstation Power in a Compact Form Factor

Within the PC market sits seemingly infinite levels of variation. Even amongst high-performance users is a wide variety of use cases, each of which requires optimal hardware selection to achieve the best performance. 

While gamers can be content with their powerful graphics cards, things are a little more complex within the professional scene, where it often takes more than mere performance grunt to win the day. This is where Nvidia’s Quadro series comes in, pushing price tags up and performance alongside it in applications which require ISV certified hardware. The worlds of professional designs, engineering, visual effects and content creation rely on graphics cards from the Nvidia Quadro series and AMD’s Pro lineup. 

ASUS has unveiled their new PC Mini ProArt PA90 series, a professional-grade system that is in many ways reminiscent of Apple’s Mac Pro, a system that demands a £3,000 price point for a system with an ageing 6-core Ivy Bridge E processor (In £2,999 model) and 16GB of DDR3 memory at stock. 

What ASUS promises to do here is create a powerful and compact production system, combining Intel’s latest 8-core Coffee Lake-R processors with powerful Quadro graphics cards while offering more raw performance than Apple’s current-gen Mac Pro. 

Thanks to an integrated liquid cooler, ASUS’ promises to deliver noise levels that operate at under 32dB under full CPU loads, utilising an extendable top cover which automatically opens to enable increased airflow at high temperatures, allowing airflow to be increased by 38% when needed. Each system will also contain two Thunderbolt 3.0 ports, as well as the option to pair together two high-end NVMe storage devices in high-end models. Up to 64GB of DDR4 memory is supported within this system.  

    Powered by the latest 9th Generation Intel Core i9 and Core i7 processors, which provide up to 30% better performance than the previous generation, Mini PC ProArt PA90 ensures smooth and responsive processing for content creators multitasking with the most demanding applications and working on complex projects.

Mini PC ProArt PA90 is also equipped with NVIDIA Quadro workstation-grade graphics, which enable stunning visuals and accelerate content-creation workflows for designers who perform graphically intensive tasks, such as video and photo editing or 3D real-time photorealistic rendering. The NVIDIA Quadro graphics on Mini PC ProArt PA90 are also independent software vendor (ISV) certified to ensure that they deliver the best performance, stability and experience when working with a wide range of applications.


ASUS plans to launch their ProArt PA90 in March 2019, selling the following hardware configuration within the UK, each of which features a three-year warranty.  

ASUS Announces their Mini PC ProArt PA90 - Workstation Performance in a Compact Form Factor  

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