ASUS’ ROG Ally Flagship variant gets priced at $699 in the US

ASUS' ROG Ally Flagship variant gets priced at $699 in the US

It looks like ASUS’ flagship ROG Ally system will be a lot more affordable than we expected

Earlier this week, AMD revealed their new Ryzen Z1 series of mobile processors, CPUs that promise to transform the mobile gaming market with Zen 4 CPU cores and RDNA 3 graphics. ASUS’ new ROG Ally handheld gaming system will be the first handheld to utilise this new SoC from AMD, offering gamers a compelling handheld experience with a 1080p 120Hz screen, 16GB of LPDDR5 memory, and a 512GB SSD. 

Today, we now have a rumoured price tag for ASUS’ Flagship Z1 Extreme powered ROG Ally system, which has been listed on BestBuy (as spotted by @wickedhumz) in the US for $699. This variant features AMD’s top Ryzen Z1 series processors, which features eight Zen 4 CPU cores and 12 RDNA 3 Compute Units. Since ASUS are also working on a lower-end AMD Ryzen Z1 based version of their ROG Ally, it is probable that an even more affordable ROG Ally variant is also coming.

With a price tag of $699, the ROG Ally is $50 more expensive than Valve’s top Steam Deck model, which ships for £649 in the US with a 512GB SSD and a matte screen. That being said, Valve’s Steam Deck is available at much lower prices with lesser storage options, and affordable SSD upgrades are possible to give Steam Deck buyers more value for money (read our Steam Deck SSD upgrade guide here).

ASUS' ROG Ally Flagship variant gets priced at $699 in the US

Unlike Valve’s Steam Deck, ASUS’ ROG Ally system utilises Windows, allowing the system to support all Windows PC games without the need for translation/compatibility layers. This is a double edged sword, as while this makes more games playable on the device, it forced users to use Windows in a handheld form factor, which is not ideal.

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