Eee Box Adjustments

Eee Box Adjustments

Earlier this year, Asus released their small form factor, budget PC, dubbed the Eee Box.  Unfortunately, it did not sell quite as well as expected.  Thus, Asus has made some adjustments to its specs in hopes of increasing its appeal to consumers.

First off, Asus will be switching out the current Intel Atom processor for a previous generation Celeron 220.  The hard drive capacity will also be bumped up from 80GB to 120GB.

Now, it may seem like a bad idea to downgrade the processor.  However, this move allows them to cut the price by about 20%.  Currently, the Atom-based Eee Box sells for approximately $300.  The new Celeron/120GB variation will end up retailing for around $240, with an option to include a 19″ LCD monitor for $110 more.

Will the price drop and hard drive upgrade be enough for consumers to overlook the processor downgrade and entice them to buy the system?

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