Lenovo reveals the “World’s First Foldable PC”

Lenovo reveals the

Lenovo reveals the “World’s First Foldable PC”

Lenovo has revealed to the world its first foldable PC, a ThinkPad device which ships with a flexible OLED panel that offers a 13.3-inch size when fully extended or a 9.6-inch screen in “laptop mode”, where the bottom half of the screen becomes a touch-sensitive keyboard. 

The OLED screen is made by LG and the device supports a stylus and Bluetooth keyboards. Lenovo has also confirmed that the system uses an Intel processor but hasn’t revealed the exact model. It is likely that this system will ship with a different, newer processor when it releases in early 2020.  

While this seems like a strange laptop, tablet hybrid, Lenovo has assured us that this is a fully fledged Windows 10 PC, though the aforementioned Intel processor should already indicate that. This isn’t a Windows 10 on ARM PC, this is full fat x86. 

With its collapsible form factor, Lenovo’s Folding Thinkpad will enable users to easily transport their system, taking up much less space than a standard notebook, even when combined with a portable keyboard. 


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