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1GB GDDR4 Radeon HD 2900XT next month

According to our source the 1Gb version of the HD 2900XT will be available from next month.

We don’t have a lot of details at this moment, but at least we can tell you that these cards aren’t vapour ware. The other good news is that the 1GB GDDR4 version will be a 9-inch card, not the 12.4-inch cards as earlier rumours speculated on. However, the 12.4-inch cards are still likely to end up in various systems from the large system integrators, such as Dell, HP and Fujitsu-Siemens. There is still no word if the XTX cards will appear or not, but maybe these new 1GB GDDR4 cards will be clocked higher than the current crop of HD 2900XT cards.

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