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360 HD-DVD Add-On Still Has Support
Despite HD-DVD's loss of the HD war and the discontinued production of the Xbox 360's HD-DVD player add-on, support for the drive isn't dead quite yet.
If you have an Xbox 360 HD DVD player, you’ll be prompted for an auto update the next time you watch an HD DVD movie (and your are signed into Xbox Live.)

This update includes:

* Compatibility improvements with certain titles
* Additional support for network features

If you don’t have access to Xbox Live, this update will be available for download from Xbox.com later this week.
This just shows the dedication of at least the Xbox 360's development team in making sure the 360 users get the most functionality out of their products, even the EOL ones.  More than likely this will be the last update.
Do you still have your Xbox 360 HD-DVD add-on player? Glad to see this (final?) update?
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