40-nanometre chips coming in Q2 Page: 1
40-nanometre chips coming in Q2

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing have said they will start making chips with transistors as tiny as 40 nanometres (nm) in the second quarter, enabling smaller, more powerful and energy efficient chips. 40nm will be the smallest chips ever made and are less hungry for electricity then it's slightly older brother the 45nm. 
TSMC have already started taking orders for the new technology, apparently a good few orders have already been made by big companies. We can all guess who those might be.
The quick chip size change is all down to the demand for smaller but faster processors, with todays demand for music players that are also a hand held computer or mobile phones that can do the washing up, chips will only get smaller. Smaller etching technologies are needed to improve processors performance and efficiency. And we all know the more transistors that can be fitted into a chip the faster it will perform.
A nanometre when talking about micro-chips is the measurement of the smallest part from the chip. To put things into perspective. there is only 3 atoms in a nanometre depending on the type of atom and a billion nanometres makes up a metre, now that is talking small.
Intel are already said to be planning 32 nanometre chips for 2009 and around 23 nanometre for 2011.
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