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4770 Cards Catching On
Sapphire's HD 4770 graphics cardATI’s Radeon HD 4770 512MB graphics card is really catching the fancy of manufacturers with both Sapphire and ASUS announcing new cards based on the reference design. While Sapphire’s card comes with the same engine clock, ASUS has beefed up its card a bit.
Sapphire has added a small heatsink to improve voltage regulation in its HD 4770 graphics card, which will feature the same 750MHz core and 3,200MHz GDDR5 memory clocks as the reference card.
The ASUS EAH4770 TOP graphics card
ASUS on the other hand has unveiled two cards; the EAH4770 and EAH4770 TOP. While the EAH4770 carries the same features as the reference card, the TOP version has been supplied with voltage tweak technology and the SmartDoctor application, which allows users to boost GPU voltages for up to 35% improvement in performance.
With the tweaks, the TOP card’s engine and memory clocks have been boosted to 800MHz and 3,400MHz respectively. ASUS is however claiming that users can further overclock the card up to 917MHz and 4,600MHz respectively. If the overclocking claims are true, the card could become a delight for gamers.
While Sapphire has priced its card around £85 mark, ASUS has not released pricing details for either of its cards.
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