9800GTX releases tomorrow and GT200 rumors confirmed Page: 1

9800GTX releases tomorrow

After being delayed by 6 days Nvidia's Geforce 9800GTX should reach us tomorrow, April the 1st, the GPU itself not being vastly different from the old G92 chips. The new 9800 will have the ability to support Tri-SLI but other than that it is almost the same as the old 8800GTS. Nvidia have stayed loyal and are so far still releasing the card tomorrow, but a few people don't believe it. Reason being tomorrow is April Fools day.

Anyway, Nvidia have been a little experimental with the 9 series release as they are actually the same chip as the recent 8 series. Fudzilla have said "Nvidia is probing the tolerance of the GPU market", which we totally agree with. So far the market has yet to say no to the new 9 series and they are selling quite well.



Something to tickle your fancy, rumors have been popping up everywhere about an Nvidia chip called the GT200. According to sources the GT200 is going to be the Geforce 9900GX2 and the 9900GTX. This excites us at OC3D because we may finally be getting the real next-gen cards as it is using a different core from the current cards. Unfortunately not alot else is known about the new architecture nor much about the launch date other than it will be sometime in July. Stay with us for updates.

There are two possible explanation for the re-branded G92, either the new chip is amazing or the replacement is delayed/a bad performer. Is April fools going to be a good day for you? Or are you going to be skipping the 9800s and waiting out for the 9900s? Discuss on our Forums.