9800GX2s first European listings Page: 1
The first sighting of the GX2 being listed has been reported at E-tailer Alternate.  Alternate have moved before anyone else and have listed two 9800 GX2 cards on their site being the Asus and Zotac offerings, starting at €529

The first card is the ASUS, branded ASUS EN9800GX2/G/2DI which comes bundled with Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts and is priced at €529. It's G92 GPUs run at 600Mhz Core, 1000Mhz Memory (1GB of GDDR3) and its shaders are clocked at 1500 Mhz.

The second offering comes from Zotac who are also releasing with stock clocks for the core and memory and shaders. The model number for the Zotac is: Zotac 9800GX2 (ZT-98TEY2P-FSP) and will set you back a tidy €539.

Keep a look out for  some official announcements / listings for this card hopefully within the next couple of days.
Link for each card here:
Zotac 9800GX2
Is the lure of reportedly the most powerful GFX card tempting you as release date nears or is it just too expensive for the performance?
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