9900GTX & 9900GTS to be released as soon as early July Page: 1
Nvidia LogoNvidia set to release 9900GTX & 9900GTS in early July
Its been reported by the guys over at VR-Zone that we could be looking at an early July release for the first two models from the GeForce 9900
series, the 9900GTX and 9900GTS.
It was originally thought that the 9900GT was going to be the first 9900 series card to be released but these reports say different.  Apparently Nvidia are going to release the big guns first to counter the release of AMD/ATI's RV770 graphics cards that could be out as soon as the end of May.
Nvidia have previously confirmed the existence of the 1 billion transistor (ish) GT200 GPU which is based on a brand new architecture rather than just another G92 re-hash.  VR-Zone state their sources are suggesting that the new GTX will use GDDR3 memory with a 512-bit interface and will be produced on a P651 PCB.  As for the GTS, it's said that it will utilise a 448-bit memory interface.
If AMD/ATI's new RV770 cards turn out to be graphical behemoths, and if these reports are true, then it would seem that Nvidia may have made this move so they can try and take the high-performance crown back as swiftly as possible.
I personally think the sooner the better.. I can't wait for some new competition with some brand new architecture.
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