A-Data announces new 'Xtreme Performance Gear' label Page: 1
New OC friendly Product line from A-Data
A-Data are well known for their memory products and they have announced a new sub brand called XPG, and the products released under this brand will be aimed at the enthusiast market. The first product to launch the new XPG brand will be the Xupreme 200X, which is a USB flash drive. The company aims to release memory modules, USB storage and SSD drives within the XPG range. 
A-Data's new sub label - XPG
It will be interesting to see how the new range holds up, A-Data seem to be pretty Xcited (sorry, couldn't resist it) about it. You can learn more on the new label and it's products from the A-Data/XPG website. You can also discuss in our forums here.