A-DATA's brand new Disney T-series T801/T802 USB Page: 1
A-DATA's brand new Disney T-series T801/T802 USB
As official Disney licensee, A-DATA releases a USB flash drive that is out of the ordinary, the lovable classic T801 and dainty Chinese T802. Do you want to abide in a USB flash drive that has no feature and modeling? A-DATA releases three types of T801 USB flash drive each with a different design: Smiling Mickey in quality black, sweetie Minnie in captivating purple and attentive Winnie in warm yellow. In addition, the T801 sports an exquisite cap patterned in the shape of Mickey and comes in three splendid colors so that you can switch them accordingly to your clothes. Impeccable beauty! Allow people to stare. Express your personal style and be a sparkling star!
Dainty Chinese T802 USB flash drive defines tradition with a renewed taste. It features the famous ears of Mickey with a distinctive Chinese cloud pattern on the surface for an Asian flavor. The package of the T802 is designed as a painting-frame and inspired by world famous Chinese-styled designs. The T802 is available in two colors of red and gold. The red color expresses happiness and joyfulness while the gold color stands for fortune and prosperity. A-DATA overturns the classical image of Mickey and makes the T802 a personality statement. What are you waiting for?
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