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A History of Past GPUs 

Every now and again a thread from our Forums will catch our eye, and we'll have an urge to put them up on the front page. At least, that's what's going to start happening from now. If any thread leaps out at us there's a great chance that you'll end up reading about it here. It's a way for us to try and get everyone more involved with the forums and the great community that it holds.

AlienALX,  a member since mid-2010 and who's contributed over 5000 posts to the forums, has come up with a great idea involving the GPUs from your past. The idea is to think back through the years until you remember the name of your first GPU. With the name firmly in the grips of your memory, run a quick Google Image search on the card and link it into to the thread via the comment section, with a brief description of what the card is and, if you wish to add more information, how you came about owning it.


[Below, an image of AlienALX's S3 Trio 1MB from the Jurassic Period]

A History of Past GPUs

"The idea is to Google every GPU you have owned, and then set them out in chronological order." 


Submissions from Alien himself have included the ancient S3 Trio 1MB, a Voodoo 300 AGP, and a Radeon 9200 Pro, all the way up to the more recent Radeon 5770 from XFX, an MSI Radeon 6970 Lightning Edition, and what he's using right now, a GTX 670 Jetstream from Palit (he has two!).
Other submissions from various forum members have included Alpenwasser's Asus V8200 Deluxe GeForce 3 Ti 500, Dicehunter's ATI 2900XT, Grassman's Radeon 4870, KING_OF_SAND's MSI 5770 Hawk edition in Crossfire, and Zoot's Sapphire Radeon 7950 Vapor-X, which is his current card.

All in all it's a great thread to contribute to as it gives everyone a chance to bask in the glory days of time gone by. Not everyone will have an overly impressive history of cards, but it really would be interesting to see how all of you used to spend your time and money on graphics cards.

So then, what are you all waiting for? Visit Alien's thread here and show us what your rigs used to be made of!